Thursday, October 2, 2008

odds and ends

First, go check out this article I saw on Code Name: Insight.

Combat troops in America. Although a Brigade Combat Team is going to do jack shit against a major metropolitan area. I'm poking around in another tab while I write this to see what their TO&E is. For those who are not up into their eyeballs in military acronyms that is the Table of Organization and Equipment. I wanna know how many abram's and bradley's they got. Looks like they are an Infantry brigade, so the number of tanks will be minimal. They have a cavalry battalion, the rest of them are in Hummers. This means they can move, and deploy fast.

3,000-5,000 soldiers are enough for a hot spot, like the OJ riots in LA. If more than one city riots, then these troops are not going to do much.

Well enough musing about that. Onto more important things, like cellphones. I have a helio, and the company sucks, so I'm ditching them. The screwed me over by double drawing my account, which bounced a check so I'm getting out of the two year contract. I think I'll get an iPhone because of the number of cool applications it has on it. Real-time traffic updates are real handy, right on Google Maps on your little screen. By switching plans I'll save $184 dollars in 12 months, and that includes the cost of the iPhone. AT&T's is about as good as sprint's, which is what the helio used. Verizon is king here, with the best coverage, but their draconian lock down of their phones, with a steep fee to re-enable them made me switch a year ago.

I doubt I'll watch the VP debate tonight. They are not going to go after each other with responses and such, they are just going to read off little speeches. Big whup.

Go read up at Ferfal's blog, Surviving in Argentina - there are a lot of similarities with what went down in Argentina that will help us be ready for what might happen here in the US.

I am off to buy some heirloom seeds for the spring. I also am buying some O2 absorbers and mylar bags too. Hopefully next week I'll have all of it here so I can put away some grain for preps. I was thinking about buying some rice, but it's still pretty pricey.

On another note I'm almost out of .22LR ammo. I got 100 rounds of the cheap stuff left, and I don't see any bulk packages of my current favorite "CCI standard velocity" which I consider good stuff. My marlin will shoot the real expensive Eley ammo, but the performance gain versus the cost isn't worth it. I have to find me someone who sells the bulk packages so I can get a deal. I know I can get it cheaper than $6.60 per 100.

So another goal was met, I have enough JHP for my .45 stored away. Now I need to get more slugs and buckshot. Especially buckshot. Damn Mass laws! I have a lead on a police supply place in Rhode Island that sells ammo cheap, cheap enough to cover the 7% sales tax and the gas to drive all the way down there. I'll see Saturday morning.

Well enough rambling for now. I hope everyone is getting their preps ready. We still have a lot of hurricane season left, and a long cold winter ahead of us. Don't run to the store just before the storm, make sure you and your family are ready for these thigs ahead of time. Buy TANGIBLES!


Staying Alive said...

You sure did hit the nail on the head today! I totally agree on buying TANGIBLES. Good luck on getting the Buckshot. I keep 500 rounds at all times.


riverwalker said...

There are a lot of stores that are running huge sales with big discounts as the sheeple have to tighten up their belts. There are are going to be a lot of bargains out there for preppers to take advantage of the savings!


Mayberry said...

They only sell buck shot in 5 round boxes 'round here, and they're about a buck a shell.... Jeez, how ya supposed to stock up with that arrangement? Maybe they'll have something better when deer season rolls around.....