Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Since I started commuting by public transportation again, I've had a running cold for the last month. It sucks. But then again, I'd hate to find out just how much snot is smeared over the handles and railings...

I'm not deathly ill or anything, but I obviously do not have the self discipline not to touch my eyes or nose before smearing them in jelled alcohol. I guess I could let things take their course, until I catch up on all the cold strains I missed by riding in a car back and forth to Boston, but I rather just skip the sniffles altogether.

I do have an orange every morning as part of my breakfast, but the boost in Vitamin C isn't enough. It has been recommended to me to take Black Elderberry extract. I'll give it a shot, and let you know how it works out.

I also have been worried about the lack of fatty acids in my diet, so I'm going to start taking some fish oil caplets... the problem is I HATE fish, and fish burps can be an issue with these caplets. I have a friend that has tried 25+ brands and have suggested one for me to try. Once again, if it's good I will let you guys know.

The dollar looks like it's going to weaken some in the next week, so be sure to load up on oil and fuel before the prices jump.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Internet Security HOWTO

Let's cut to the chase. This is a quick primer on how to protect yourself on the internet. Protect yourself from harm on the internet and (to some extent) from governmental snooping.

In order to keep this less than 300 pages of techno-babble, I'm going to keep this on point, and try to keep this more hands-on than theory.

First, if you do not have current anti-virus software, then get it here.

Second, never, and I mean never! connect a computer unprotected to the internet. Unprotected PC's are attacked and compromised in about an hour. If you must connect a computer directly to the cable modem then the local firewall must be enabled.

Guess it's time for a quick discussion on how the whole internet works. Every computer on the internet has and address, and each computer has a load of windows and doors for data to come in and out, called ports. These ports are defined and standardized, for example port 80 is for web(http) connections, and port 443 is for secure web(https) connections. Your address is represented by a "dotted quad" for humans (i.e.

A firewall acts as a traffic cop, preventing traffic from getting into or out of your house. Usually these are in the linksys routers you use to connect multiple computers tot he internet. Your cable modem DOES NOT have one. All Unix, and current Mac and PC (xp+) OSes have firewalls, but they are not the best in the world. I could write a whole series on how to configure them. The default settings are better than nothing.

Since you don't want to remember these numbers, and have to type that number every time you want to go to google, they have a naming resolution system called DNS - Domain Name System. The way DNS works is there are domains that nest inside each other, and by sending the name to a server, you get the dotted quad back. Thankfully, all of this is behind the scenes 99% of the time. The reason this is important is for you to protect yourself you need to know a little on how this works.

The way DNS works is you give it a name like www.google.com, and the DNs server finds the server that runs the ".com" domain, who points you to the server that runs the ".google" part who then gets you the IP address of the "www" part. The leftmost part is the most specific, and the right hand part of the name is the most general.

Since every computer on the internet has an IP address, and that IP address is from your local internet service provider... if you go hack the NSA website and they get your IP, black helicopters know what house to go to. But we have ways of hiding that, more in a few minutes. Hit this website for a demonstration.

Ok, back to practical stuff. Every computer has a local file it uses to find addresses for computers. We can use that to stop malware and other nasty software from calling home. Edit this file and replace it's contents with the stuff from here. The site has info on how to edit your hosts file.

Next, a word about habits. Never, ever run anything sent to you in an e-mail unless you explicitly trust that person. This includes the funny powerpoint presentations, or excel files or even word docs. There is programming that can be embedded into these documents that act like a virus and can infect your machine. Do not go to any website you do not trust. don't click on any pop-up ads - ever. Do not download "free" games from pogo, or anywhere else. Sucks don't it? Only way to be sure you are safe is not to play dangerously. I'll write another document later on how to build a secure browsing computer.

Next, if anyone has physical access to your computer, then they have compromised it. Set a screen saver with a password- it will stop "drive-by" hacks - the ups guys going to use your bathroom and does something to the pc turned on in the office.

Now to protect your location from snooping you need to anonymize yourself. There is a free network called TOR that protects you from basic web browsing, but it will not protect you from flash, cookies, youtube, etc... There is a good writeup here on what it protects you from - and what it doesn't. There is a paid subscription service called anonymizer for $30/year that is pretty good, but it is not compatible with IE8 and Firefox 3, so for now it's useless.

Most of internet security is just having good habits. Once you secure yourself, then always use that security to protect yourself. A Wired magazine writer just had a contest where he tried to disappear, and bad habits got him nabbed. I read a great article about it by the fugitive, but cannot find it, here is the hunter's story.

Being cognizant of your surroundings applies to the online world too, you know.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Fun Stuff

I wish I was half as cool as this picture:

I found my BOV:

I have been reading and doing some more writing at a furious pace, hope to have some more stuff soon. I've been thinking I need to focus a bit more on practical applications, and less on waxing poetic. Expect more how-to's and guides of a practical nature soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I always wondered how people could go about their daily lives without taking minimal precautions about what challenges they face. If it was going to snow out, I'd always wear clothes a little warmer and weather-resistant that if it wasn't. I always made sure I had at least some cash for a cab ride home after a night of drinking.

It wasn't until Katrina woke me up did I start prepping for the bigger things. But better late than never, right? I now have the means to keep myself and my family alive if something really bad does happen.

Take a look at what is going on in the economy. It's a ship without a rudder and no one at the helm. From personal experience, it's just a matter of time before the boat gets swamped. Our economy is but a wave away from disaster, and we need to be ready for that, and more importantly what happens next.

Walking through the supermarket the other day, and adding up how many people live nearby, there is but a couple of day's food in the whole store. Assuming, that is, the food is distributed properly and equitably. Like that is going to happen. As a society, we are on the edge of chaos, just a hungry belly between peace and war.

We have a moral obligation to try to convince people to be ready. There is a good saying though - You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. Those friends and family who you try to warn, but do not heed your concerns, will get a harsh enough lesson. I will give what charity I can spare to them, only because the plan is to bail for points north, leaving nary a clue behind for those to follow me.

I foresee a lot of hard decisions we preppers are going to have to face, on who we can help, and who we cannot. I can offer no advice, no sound reasoning on who to help and who we should not. I have yet to make those decisions myself.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time for some fun

There has been a lot of work to do, and not much time to do it. So while I have a few minutes to myself before the rush at work, I've surfed up some fun for everyone.

Anytime is a good time for Led Zeppelin...

And finally MC Frontalot, a Nerdcore Rapper from Boston. Although I'm not a hip-hop fan, It's funny as all hell when some dorky white guy is rapping about computers, science fiction, and comic books. Especially when he's rapping about goth chicks.

So the economy is going to all hell. The irresponsible financial policies is coming home to roost, and we are the ones who will have to pay for it, and our children. I've been banging away at a side project, so I'll have to give you a sneak peek...

A human being has the right to their own life.

All relationships are voluntary

You have the right to disagree

Humans have the right to own property

All these rights are equal for everyone. A collection of beliefs is a moral code. This is my moral code, and I firmly believe this code fits with every religion on this planet. There may be some additional beliefs and tenants, but this moral code does not, and logically cannot interfere with whatever religion you may follow. Earlier, if you answered that your Diety(s) own you, then you gave yourself to them by your own free will. Therefore, you voluntarily gave up the right to your own life for whatever benefits your belief system provides.

Note that there is no right to force another for any reason. That is the path of totalitarianism, which cannot exist in a free society based on individual rights. The only socio-economic system that allows a free society that supports these fundamental rights of humans is capitalism. In a capitalist society no one is holding a gun to your head to buy a TV or a car. That has not always been the case in our historical examples of collectivism.

Please note that these rights are equal and for all. No one has a right to your property that was earned fairly. Likewise, you have no right to your neighbor’s property or anyone else’s property for that matter. The same is true for your lives.

In any of these rights do you see where the application of force is tolerated? I do not. You cannot force anyone to do anything. There may be civil penalties if you hold back on a contract, but the contract holder cannot FORCE you to hold up your end of a bargain. I’ll get into more detail on that subject later. You cannot force anyone to do anything; it is a violation of their fundamental rights. Because Altruism-Collectivism does not support these rights, then they resort to force whenever they feel the “end justifies the means.” Mao se Tung summed up the Altruistic-Collective mindset perfectly when he said:

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.”

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More armed thugs

So the IRS has put out a bid for 60 shotguns. I like the model, but they need to realize that the adjustable stocks are illegal here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Oh, silly me, those rules don't apply for anyone but us poor serfs.

I like their choice of shotgun. The 870 has served me quite well, and if I was to buy another I would get one with the ghost ring sights. I didn't see anything about an extended magazine tube, so I would certainly have that.

This is nothing new, nothing worth getting outraged about. The Federal government has been concerned with it's own safety and well-being over it's citizens since the Cold war with it's COG (Continuity of Government) policies. I'm beginning to wonder how extensive these policies are. I'm willing to bet the day after the end of the world there will be a Tax man banging on what's left of the door to get the government's share.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rage against Fascism

Oscar nominees were announced, Grammies were given out. I am so exited I could just fart.

Bread and Circuses for the masses! Let's all "ooooohhh" and "awwwwww" as the world burns. There is so much white noise out there it gives me time to think. Like a Japanese kid having a seizure from a Manga show, I'm reduced to twitching and foaming at the mouth most days. Not from the bewildering array of "human interest" stories and main stream media distractions to what's going on. Wait a second, If I have zero interest in a human interest story, does that mean I'm no longer human?

As I twitch in a fuming rabid rage against the injustices we are being subjected to, I look upon the sheep on the commuter rails with abject scorn. How can they be so blind? I mean it is obvious that the growth of government is a BAD THING, right? Do these people have a clue?

Rage, rage at the dying of the light. I rage against the death of freedom. I am firmly convinced that this road we are led down by the democratic and republican Pied Pipers leads not to Socialist, but a Fascist state. I think the Republicans and Democrats are marching us toward Fascism so once we have a fascist state, then the two parties can duke it out in another Night of the Long knives to see who will lead, and who will be ground under the jack-boots heel. We need to find the path we were supposed to be on, and haul ass over there. The first step is to bushwhack these leaders by voting them out of office now.

I think we might be able to pull something off that has never been done before. We, the People, can amend our Constitution. Let's amend our Constitution so that on Jan 1, 2011 ALL seats of congress and the senate are up for grabs. Same with the executive branch. The Supreme Court would be adjourned so that those bums are tossed out on their butts too. Those positions can be filled by the new administration.

In this coup, there are no primaries. there is no special favors given to one party or another. Everyone votes count as the electoral college is abolished. The one with the most votes is the president, the one with the 2nd most is vice president. It how it used to be, and it's how it will be again. No longer can some political machine parade it's two favored sons out like stud horses for our liking. They got to back two separate candidates if they want to lock up the executive branch.

No more. We will end fascism in our lifetimes.