Monday, October 20, 2008

Mass ballot question #1

So they got on the ballot a referendum to repeal the income tax in Massachusetts. I've done a little reading on it and so far I like it. Force the nitwits to choose between pork and teachers, cops, and firemen.

So I think I'll vote for it. Then follow up with e-mails to the nitwits that they better trim the pork and not the services we all need, like firemen and police.

The national teachers unions are dumping 1 million in advertising to stop the bill. That's stupid. They should be spending that million to make sure the State House and Senate keep bills lean and mean. That would be a better way to spend money than fear mongering. We citizens need to reduce our spending and pay off our debts, I think it's just desserts that the government should have to do the same.

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Staying Alive said...

Cut out the taxes! Hell yes. Don't give the bastads a damn thing they don't earn. Somalia didn't have a central government for 5 years and everybody was fine. But the UN has spent two billion dollars trying to get a central government in there. They are trying to fix what is not broken.