Thursday, October 16, 2008

Popcorn time!

I think I have a new hobby. Sheeple-watching. I'm getting a big kick of watching the panic spread, just hope more of those banker crooks and politicians would take short walks out of very high windows.

The tension in the workplace is pretty palatable, most are worried about either their jobs, their sub-prime mortgage, or both. After the sleeper debate last night, most have resigned themselves that Obama will win. Then again, up here in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, conservatives are used to getting beat up by any liberal with a pulse.

Over at I read a pretty good article by Glen Beck. He's mentioned preparing before, but now he's just one step short of hitting the full panic button. I like it. Might wake up a few people and help them survive the coming crisis.

There has been more and more talk about the possibility of the dollar being replaced by the Amero. I don't think the majority of Americans will accept it, regardless of what Uncle Sugar says.

Well this post is being rudely interupted by work, I got to go play field tech and fix someones printer. Sending an Engineer to do a Tech's work makes sense to someone, just not me.

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