Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crunch Time

Well it's crunch time in a few ways. I have come to the conclusion that Obama is a god damn Commie pink-O, and we are fucked if he wins. Work's been going bonkers with server maintenance, We are rolling out a new AV program, and patching the servers with the out-of-band patch I mentioned last week. Working nights and days is starting to make me grumpy.

I heard a Smiths song I have not heard for a while, and here is some of it:
They said :
"There's too much caffeine
In your bloodstream
And a lack of real spice
In your life"

I said :
"Leave me alone
Because I'm alright, dad
Surprised to still
Be on my own..."

Oh, but don't mention love
I'd hate the strain of the pain again
A rush and a push and the land that
We stand on is ours
It has been before
So it shall be again
And people who are uglier than you and I
They take what they need, and just leave
I know The Smiths are not everyone's cup-o-tea, but they have that 80's British angst. Figure in another 20 years when we Americans realize that the heyday is over, we will have a similar angst.

I live where the blood of patriots soaks the ground. I was out last week and swung by the site of the Boston Massacre. To me, it's holy ground. I asked myself if we had the men of character, the men of action, the people with enough gumption to be the second wave of patriots. Would there be another Tea Party when Obama takes form the middle class and gives it to the poor? Will there be another senseless massacre of people to prove the Will of the American Citizen?

Would enough of us tell the Fed to fuck off when they tax us harder so the poor can buy more booze, crack, meth, and heroin? I am firmly convinced that the vast majority of the population on welfare wants to be on welfare. Money for nothing. Fat and happy on the government dime. My fucking dime.

Biden already slipped up and said those who made more than $150k would be taxed for the wealth redistribution. I figure by Jan 20th, anyone making over $20k will be taxed for this sham, this farce, this whoring of this great country of ours.

The problem is if something is not earned than it has no value. I remember the first paycheck I got. I was 9, and busted my ass in a fishmarket for 40hours in 4 days. That check for $120 was a treasure, riches beyond belief. My aching fingers and back didn't hurt quite as much as I held out my hand and the boss counted those sawbucks into my hand. Life was good.

Contrast that with when I was on unemployment. I got "laid off" because I was three times as smart as my new boss and he wasn't too pleased that I was the go-to guy to keep the company going. I was up at the crack of noon, loafed off all day, went and played games with some friends until oh god thirty in the morning then crashed. Nothing productive came form this time in my life. I didn't study, I didn't write. Hell, I could have written a novel, but did I? Fuck no. Why should I? I got a check every week, and I worked a few hours here and there to make some cash under the table. It wasn't until unemployment was running out that I got off my ass and got a job.

I have to admit it was relaxing not to have to run the rat race every day.

So although I understand the lure of the slacker lifestyle I know that's not how to succeed. After that slacker phase I busted my ass for years, taking my natural gift for tinkering and engineering and forging it into a technical skillset that took me to the pinnacle of my field. I used to get home from working all day and studying into the night, tinkering and fiddling with Windows NT and Linux. It's payed off, as I make five times what I did in those days. It's a lot of work, but I now have a house, something I never dreamed I would get. I might get to retire at some point.

These welfare-people who get this Obama-money will just buy more crack and booze. They didn't earn it so it might as well be Monopoly money. Make the fuckers earn it, just like I had to.

"The dignity of man is not shattered in a single blow, but slowly softened, bent, and eventually neutered. Men are seldom forced to act, but are constantly restrained from acting. Such power does not destroy outright, but prevents genuine existence. It does not tyrannize immediately, but it dampens, weakens, and ultimately suffocates, until the entire population is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid, uninspired animals, of which the government is shepherd."
- Alexis de Tocqueville

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Staying Alive said...

I think you may have touched upon the main reason we will have such a huge die-off in this country when things get tough. There are millions out there who simply have no guts, no intestinal fortitude. What can I say ?