Monday, September 29, 2008

My Jeep

So I'm up for inspection on my Jeep Grand Cherokee and I'm going to need tires. Now I could just put on some radials and be done with it, or I could invest some prep money in it to beef it up some.

I love my Jeep, with it's straight 6 it's just about unkillable. My current tires are wussy Goodyear Wrangler ST's which are OK, but are more suited for soccer moms than any sort of GOOD plan.

I could beef up my ride by adding 1.25" spacers on the axles($100), adding a 2" lift kit($350), and beefier ties on my existing rims ($750 incl. spare). Later on I could add the extended fenders for $200ish so mud isn't flying everywhere.

Or I could save the cash, buy replacement wranglers for $280 and put the rest towards a .308 battle rifle and / or generator.

Pretty much no matter what the situation is I got a heck of a drive to get my mom and brother and drag them to my place, or I pack up and head to mom's. If we are in a slow slide, like Argentina then I can outfit my Cherokee a la Mad Max to make sure I can get to and from work.

Then again, I am still paying for this Jeep, so I might not want to invest anything more than what is necessary in case the bank f's with my loan and I cannot afford it.

Chime in with your suggestions, I need to call my bank and see what I have left on the principal. Maybe I sell it and buy a junker to fix up with a junker economy car to commute in.

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irishdutchuncle said...

could you buy a junker to build up into a good BOV, for less than you owe on the jeep? is the jeep you have roomy enough for whatever family and friends you plan to take with you? along with their gear? does your planned bugout place require you to use that much lift? will the insurance on two vehicles cost more than you save on gas with the economy beater?

sorry i have more questions than answers today, but i'd go with the beefiest tires you can put on without the modifications. lots of other people will be looking for econo beaters soon, so if you need one, act fast.

if you decide to go mad max, don't forget to include a snorkel, in case there's high water in addition to just plain hell.