Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Supplies delivered

So last night I had the Lee Load-All II waiting for me when I got home. I could not resist and ripped open the box, poked around at it, then sat down and read the instructions carefully three times. Reloading ammunition is nothing to do half-assed. So before I start reloading I'll re-read the instructions a 4th time. Seems pretty straightforward, but last thing I want from a shotgun is a surprise!

I took some crappy hulls I had and checked out how to pop out the old primer, and how to walk though each stage (no powder or shot though) to see how it all works. I have to admit it seems like it will do a fine job. Although it is going to be kinda slow going. I'll only be reloading the freshest hulls I have to start, and bring some of the crappy ones to the club to ask the more experienced loaders what's good to reload and what is best to toss out.

Hopefully, I will be able to swing by the gun shop tonight to pick up 1oz wads, a 1# bottle of Clays powder, some primers(with closed flash hole), and #8 shot to make some skeet rounds for this weekend. No sense in buying a lot of materials while I am looking for the right combination of sullpies will work best for me and my shotgun.

My mylar bags and O2 absorbers shipped yesterday, so next weekend I'll swing by the Agway and buy me two 50# sacks of hard red winter wheat to put up. So I have lots going on on the prep front! Still waiting for the bulk of my heirloom seeds though... I hope they get here soon!

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