Friday, October 10, 2008

Another 600

Well the market's down about 600 more points. Never mind dipping below 10,000 we are below 9,000! there was a slight rally going on as the market closed, but it is inconsequential in the light of the slide in the DJ&I average.

Now is the time to go through your preps and see what you got, and what you need. Make a list, and keep your eyes peeled for the stuff you need. Most sales at the national chains were planned months ago, so I fully expect that for the next few weeks we might be able to take advantage of that by shopping smart.

I'll admit it, I am worried. I am not allowed to carry at work, so I am vulnerable for about 11 hours a day. If I am caught with any firearm or firearm-related item I'll be terminated as soon as the fuzz comes to escort me out of the building. So I couldn't even carry to and from work, and disassemble the weapon, leaving some parts in the car's trunk. Last thing I need is a food/race/political riot between me and my home.

I have my mini-bob, so I will not lack food or water or the other bits of gear. I will lack protection. I've got my brains and my brawn, but the odds are stacked more in my favor with my Sig. Damn.

All we can do is take a deep breath and try to weather the storm. Surprisingly, I have several friends at work turning to me to interpret what's going on with the economy, etc. I'm close to feeling comfortable with one that I can share what I have been doing. He's rapidly getting the understanding that something really bad is going on. He won't listen to me about getting a class A LTC, so I'm a bit hesitant to explain the whole prepping thing.

Up here in the Northeast there is a definite stigma against prepping. As I work with these guys I need to be careful as the rumor mill around here is way out of control. That at least explains my hesitancy. I need to keep this very hush hush at work or there could be direct consequences from the left wing moon-bats who run the joint.

You might think I'm a little paranoid, but when I got my Class A LTC I had a meeting with my manager expressly explaining that there is a zero-tolerance firearms ban on campus. If they found anything bigger than a pocketknife on me I'd get a write-up at the minimum, the boot as a worst case. Although that aspect of the job sucks, I am mostly recession-proof here. Not 100% but then again no one ever is.

I got a lot of thinking and planning to do tonight. Take care, and stay alert!

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