Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just too much going on

Well things are going bonkers in a major way. At work we have that security patch to hit all of our servers with. At home I'm reading up on what's going on with the election and the economy. And trying to relax some for the next days work. Then trying to get a good nights sleep. Fat chance of that happening.

I have reloaded about 75 shotgun shells so far for skeet. It's easy enough to do, but there seems to be a trick to get the shells to stay closed tightly. Some shells I just need to hold in the pres for 2-3 seconds and they are fine, others will open up no matter what I do. Some shells seem to not want to close correctly, leaving a hole big enough for shot to leak out of - I just jammed a little paper in there to hold it and marked the shell with a marker so I'd toss it.

I still have to test these shells to see if they are up to snuff. They look just like the shells the other guys have reloaded, so my confidence is high. I'm not using a lot of powder either, so I'm not too worried it will blow up in my face.

I am buying a book on shotgun shell reloading, It will have better info than the manual that came with the press, and I hope it has more info on how to load oo buck, including what wads to buy. I want to store up a bunch of oo buckshot, makes a good home defense round.

Onto other preps. My mylar bags and O2 absorbers have arrived! Now I can move up to the "big leagues" and add grain storage to my preps. If you are going to store for very long term, you cannot beat whole wheat in mylar bags. It should last 15 years at least!

Now I just need a flour mill. If push comes to shove I can grind it like they do in 3rd world contries. Not sure how they do that, but I'll look it up online soon.

I just went through the post I made in August about what I'd like to have done before winter. And I've met most of my goals. I still want to buy a generator, but I just cannot swing that much cash right now. I need supplies for my Jeep, mostly spare parts, but that is of secondary importance to food. I really, really want to get my hands on a battle rifle as well. Saving is hard enough, but I am saving some every week for this.

It's a never-ending project, just like owning a house. With the progress I have made in my physical preps and in my increased knowledge, I am getting more confident that I will survive the oncoming problems. Even with a blizzard or two thrown in. If you are not prepping then start. It's not too late to start stacking the deck in your favor.


Mayberry said...

A mortar and pestle is how the third world grinds up grains, but for less than 50 bucks you can get a hand cranked grinder. Much more efficient!

Nightshift said...

Congrats on reloading. Start loading Buckshot. Might want to try to stock up a little reloading supplies now too.

About the grinder, I bought one for about $19 from Majors surplus, the cheapie Chinese one but it will grind. I read in I think it was "Nuclear war survival skills" the book is on-line at several site where you can lash 3 pieces of 3/4" pipe together, put your grain in a metal can and pound the crap out of it but I think I would buy the cheap grinder first. Yes, there are better ones out there but it does work better than nothing.

On generators, don't buy too much. Most of what I do post hurricanes I could do with 2KW. I have a 5KW. You really need to sit down and think it out. Saves gas with a smaller one too. I have only used my window AC once needing the 5KW but it is there if I need it.

Battle rifles...lots of opinions on those and a dangerous subject...LOL

Not trying to start a flame war here but try to aquire something soon for obvious political reasons...

Don't kill yourself trying to get the newest XYZ Looter balster 2000 if you can't afford it though. I have some higher end stuff but just traded for 2 SKS's and they are slick. One would not be disadvantaged carrying one and they are alot cheaper than a $900 AR or other weapons. Not knocking them, I have two of them also, but an SKS can put you in a stripper fed, semi auto, tough as nails weapon for about $150-275 and ammo is half what 223 is. Not a better option, less expensive.

Again, not trying to say one is better and get in a big match here folks, just an option.

Are your options restricted in Boston?

Hope some of this helps.

Natog said...

@ nightshift:

Thanks for the info. Ther eis a homebrew place nearby That should have one of the corona grain mills cheap. You have to feed it through twice, but it's cheap.

I agree with the generator, I'm looking for a 5k one at a wicked bargain, or I'll just get a 3200 for 300-400 new. I don't need to power the world, although AC would be SWEET.

As for a battle rifle, I don't want to half-ass it if I don't have too. SKS are nice, you can even get them so they take AK mags. I want a .308 battle rifle, preferably a FN-FAL or a M1A. They are hard to get up here. If push comes to shove I'll get a 7.62x39 either an SKS or an AK.

I have a personal hatred for the 5.56 round, but beggars cannot be chosers.