Friday, October 10, 2008

Damn interweb

I guess a tube was blocked, as my post yesterday got lost somewhere. Thankfully I had a copy in Word. The MIA post is just before this one.

Well the European and Asian markets went down this morning so I fully expect another 200-700 point loss today in the stock market. So we have the Friday sell-off, and the down Asian markets holding off a natural rebound when the market dips that low.

Last night I went through all my ammunition, I have a small amount in the gun cabinet, with the rest being stored with the bulk of my preps. That ammo is stored in ammo cans I got off of e-bay, all labeled and neat as can be. I also keep any of the ammo used for target practice in the cabinet upstairs as well. I certainly do not have all the ammo I would like, but I am trying to save up for a .308 battle-rifle.

I do have my Mosin-Nagant, which I will be shooting this weekend. The heat shrink tubing fell off, so I need to re-zero it. This time I'll use some brass tubing from a hobby shop to extend the post, then use an epoxy paint to blacken it. This will let me zero the rifle for 100 yards, I doubt it will drop much more for 200 yards. That is about a long a shot as I will have to make here in the densely populated Northeast.

Last night I wore my belt holster while doing chores around the house to get used to it. I practiced drawing at different imaginary targets, and I'm getting good at drawing it without getting it twisted up. I think I'll need to buy a shoulder holster for carry though, the P220 sticks out about 3" from my hip. I'm a pretty tubby guy, so getting something loose to conceal that isn't going to happen. I know shoulder holsters are not the best option, but it's cheaper than buying a smaller handgun. And if things degenerate to the point I am carrying every day, then I'm not going to have a popgun on me, I'd want the .45 ACP Sig on my hip.

Things are getting really sketchy out there. In the last 3 days I heard four people say there will be rioting election day. Obama has bought a full 30 minutes of prime time for an infomercial a week before the election. The Treasury Department is scrambling to fix the economy. Ha. They all know they are out of a job in 3 months anyway, so they are just putting on a good show.

I got caught up on the new season of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles last night. I like the show a lot. Generally it is very well written, and the acting is quite good. At least it takes my mind off of the unfolding financial implosion. I think they are all up free on, so have at them.

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theotherryan said...

Concealing full sized handguns can be a chore. Shoulder holsters can be a good option. They also leave your waistline clearer and make it super easy to pack extra mags. I like leather hip holsters for open carry, kydex for the range and IWD holsters for concealed carry.