Friday, January 9, 2009


Radio is hard work. Especially when you are like me and talk 90 miles an hour. I did try to slow down a lot more on the second half of the show, but I fear I will still be a bit too fast oh well. Maybe Big John will have me back again sometime.

I was scheduled to be on the 10pm show, but he had to reschedule me due to an announcement.

Was a blast and I hope I didn't ramble too much :)

Have a safe weekend everyone!


Mayberry said...

You did a fine job even though you talk way too fast. Heh heh heh... Good show Natog! And I was expectin' more of a "Bwastin" accent....

Shy Wolf said...

Congrats, Nat- probably "first time jitters". Once you get used to it, you'll slow down.

Patricia said...

Hey, Natog, you were good! I too expected more of a Boston accent, but we can't have everything. I liked the white vinegar tip. I don't expect to be in a crowd to receive tear gas, but I'll keep the white vinegar in mind. Good job.

western mass. man said...

I missed it.
Sorry Natog.
Any chance for a rebroadcast?