Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well that pretty much sums up how I feel after reading all the support from the Short story. It takes me a while to write, a lot of sweat goes into it. I promise to have the next installment as fast as I can.

If you got a kick out of that I got a bigger one for you, I'll be on Big John Lipscom's show tomorrow, both of them in fact. So you should be tuning in anyways, but tomorrow you get the chance to hear a rare creature, a prepper from the PRM! I wonder if "pissah" is a swear, I need to get that clarified before we go live. Hate to have to get that beeped out! Although it's going to be hard not to drop F-Bombs if we get to talking about the Government.

Hope everyone can tune in and laugh at my accent!

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Mayberry said...

Give a brutha some warnin'! I missed show #1, but I'll catch it "on demand". I will be listenin' at 10 pm (11 for you...). Break a leg Natog!