Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Well the Mighty Mighty Bosstones concert was fun, even with all the damn chuckleheads out there. I usually avoid going out New Years Eve, St. Patricks Day, and now Halloween because it's rookie night. Tons of meatballs out there who don't know how to drink, and do not know how to have a good time without pissing off the big guy trying to have fun (i.e. Natog) and isn't bothering anyone.

I just got back from the range, and I am pleased as punch. I am very happy with the .45 ACP rounds for target practice I loaded the other day. I'll whip up 50 or a 100 tonight. I'm using the minimum load, but that's fine for target practice. Once I get some JHP I'll have to work up to a heavier load, need as much pop behind that bullet as possible, so long as it stays accurate.

I also tested the difference between the Federal #210 and CCI Large Rifle primers for my .308, and the CCI primers gave me more consistency in this cold weather. It was 9 degrees at the range, and the wind was whipping something fierce. Didn't stop me from shooting. You need to be able to put food on the table regardless of the weather if the poop hits the fan. The Federal Primers might be better in the summer heat, I'll re-evaluate then. Might have to have summer and winter loads.

I've got some math to do this afternoon, Western Mass. Man, asked me for the economics of reloading, so I'll do the math and let you guys know. I've been curious myself, but this is just the incentive to make me do it. TTFN


Mayberry said...

Looking forward to that post. It's always interesting to see the price of store shelf vs. DIY. Happy New Year!

western mass. man said...

Thanks Natog.
Suppose I could move my lazy ass and check too. But I still appreciate your effort.
Happy New Year to ya.

western mass. man said...

Here is an average price where I looked. I used Cabella's and
BTW, Midway is out of stock of most everything.

Brass is 40.00 per 100
Bullets 20.00 - 40.00 per 100
150.00 per 500
Powder is 20.00 per lb
130.00 per 8 lbs
If you are just reloading your own brass, it's pretty cheap in comparison to commercial ammo.
Reloads at 60.00 per 100 is better than 125.00 per 100 of commercial ammo (Rem, Amer Eag).
Surplus ammo is a bit cheaper but you usually get what you pay for in surplus, ie. Wolf, Brown Bear.
I recently paid...
35.00 for 100 rnds Brown Bear & Silver Bear 145 gr FMJ
70.00 for Fiocchi 150 gr FMJ
80.00 per 100 Prvi Partizan 168 gr.
That is all in .308 BTW
Next will be .223