Saturday, January 24, 2009

I've been thinking while prepping some today and I'm getting a bit concerned. I expected more of a roar from the first week of Obammy, so far all we got is a whimper. So far he's done more political posturing and saber-rattling at the banks than anything of real substance. In my pessimistic view that means he's going to do something rash. I hope not, but we will see soon enough. If he sits on his hands too long then he will need a bigger push to get the ball rolling the way he wants it to. That means bigger bailouts. Yuck!

Even the Russians think the US and UK economy is screwed. Although theirs is not doing to well if their finance minister is telling his citizens to avoid Rubles and the Yaun for short term investing.
Western politicians who want bankers to apologise for their role in the financial crisis are Wall Street's equivalent of Lenin's "useful idiots".
Best. Quote. Ever. I'm going to have to make Russia-Today a regular stop in my news reading.

I put down a deposit on an M1A today. I e-filed my taxes on Friday, so I should have the $ (or an IOU) in my bank account in 2-3 weeks. Then I get to try to find mags for it. I can find them online, I just need to be sure they are pre-ban before I get them here in Mass or I am screwed. The PRM has decided that magazines have to be pre-ban if they are to be over 10 rounds. What a pain in the butt! Thankfully, the godfather has up on somewhere a full flowchart on how to figure out when an M14 mag was made so I can get them back into Mass.

The gun shop has 20 round mags for $50 a pop. I see Israeli surplus 30 rounders for $20 online. Odds are they are from the 50's so I should be ok. I might have a buddy who lives in NH buy some for me and I can check them for the proper age. If they are not allowed in Mass I'll let him keep them. He's been thinking of buying an M1A himself. There is a giant loophole here. Some people think that the mag has to be in Mass and registered for it to be legal. But magazines are not registered in any way, shape or form. Some people think that so long as you can prove when they were made then you are all set.

It's really up to the DA and how much of a prick they want to be. These laws have not been challenged because no DA has had the confidence to try to push the issue. Let's face it if I, or any other gun owner, stays out of trouble and goes to the range once in a while, even if the mag might look a little too new, then no one will give a rat's ass. But, If I go out and start waving around a M1A in public, then odds are they will go for every little charge they can find.

I'm going to re-read all the relevant laws before I do anything. Half of the gun dealers have said it is 100% legal, and the other half said I'm not sure... bleh. Most cops I talked to have no clue on this issue either. It doesn't stop them from getting a mailing address in NH and buying anything and everything they want online regardless of the letter of the law. But then again 95% of all cops think that all the laws don't apply to them. Only the big ones (rape, murder, bribery, embezzlement, etc.). Ever see a cop ever follow the speed limit? Even in their civilian car? I didn't think so.

Well all that anti-gun crap is giving me a headache. One of these days I'm leaving the PRM and all this stupidity behind. Granted, I'll have to deal with all kinds of different stupidity wherever I move too, but at least it will be new and exciting.

Prep on everyone!


Mayberry said...

Get 'em while you still can! I smell a rat in Obammy. A huge rat... He's got all sorts of nastiness up his sleeves, and he's got a nitwit majority on Crapitol Hill to back him up. Here comes the "change"....

western mass. man said...

I'll plead the 5th on that one.
I too was told, If there is no date stamp or a " for law enforcement only" stamp, there is no way to prove they are pre-ban or post-ban.
Of course, that's all up to the DA.
I suppose that my 1500 rounds of .308 could also be considered excessive in their opinion and maybe a charge of some sort could be trumped up by them.
Thank you PRM.