Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family Talk

My Mum and my brother came by yesterday so I could work on my brother's ex-wife's computer. (don't ask - it's a mess) So while I was trying to recover the spyware, virus infested craptastic HP computer we had a long talk.

My brother and I are trying to find some land in Maine, but it's hard for both of us financially. Then we have divergent opinions on how to utilize the land before and post catastrophe. We have to find land first though. Find land that is affordable and will sustain life if we have to.

One of the items discussed is what to do with all the friends and freeloaders who show up. After hashing it out, it seems like the ticket system the guys over at alpha rubicon came up with is the best system. We didn't discuss what a "ticket" would be exactly, but it would be enough stabilized fuel, food, water, supplies so the ticket holder would add to the survivability of the group, rather than being a drain on resources.

I showed my family my stash, and they were impressed. Mum was bitching about how she couldn't afford it, and I reminded her all I did was add a few cans of supplies to each shopping trip over the last 7 months.

Two more preppers on board, now I just need to keep convincing friends to start.

I think I found a source of M1 A mags legal in mass for short money. I should know by late next week if I'm all set. The hard question is how many to buy? 20? I also need to see how long the 30 round mags are and if they interfere with a prone firing position.

I'll be seeing my brother again tonight, he wants to pick up the computer. How I was supposed to work on it while at work is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

20 mags? Seems like a lot. What are you planning on, open warfare?

Get some land in Maine. You can buy a few acres for $10-15 thou. Buy a used trailer. You can get a 30 footer with 2 bedrooms for under $10 thou. Get it delivered for $500. And you're in business.

You can get a seasonal rental at a nice campground for $3,000. Then buy a used trailer and get it delivered. Problem is you'll never own the land. You end up renting it every year.

I like the land idea. Then take your time building one of these...

For $100 or $200 each a month you and your bro can stake a homestead in the Pinetree State.


DrewB said...

Agree... I have 6X30 and 2X20 for my AR. If you are not planing to resell them later, or have more than 1 gun, 200+ rounds in mags is more than enough for any fire fight. If you need more than that you are either spraying and praying, or you should have run before the fight.

cj428 said...

20rd mgs are the way to go. Army spent millions on research and made them standard.50 is what I went with. I also added A spent mag pouch to web gear. DO NOT PRE-LOAD MAGS it weakens springs. I pre loaded 10 mags with 15rds, and change springs every 6 months.CDNN Sports is A good Source for M1A mags. M14 mags are same thing as M1A mags

cj428 said...

I got my web gear at Reichenbach Tactical Outfiters Very good prices. Since you haven't bought A rifle I sugjest M1A1 I fill IT IS BETTER SUITED FOR URBAN/WOODLAND USE THAN ITS BIG BROTHER M1A

cj428 said...

one last thought you NEED A sling. I used the M1 Garand web sling you can pick them up on line or at gun shows