Monday, January 12, 2009


I've been thinking a bit about government lately. Namely the best way to run a group of people. The trouble is when a group reaches a certain size, it gains critical mass and then a man can solely make a living from being in the government, and not from any sort of fruitful labor. This is why I am so adamant that we should have term limits for local, state and federal positions. Three terms and your done!

Totalitarianism: One guy gets to say how things are done and well that's it. The trouble isn't when you're the one wearing the jack boots, it's when your successor gets to wear them is the problem. I know I would make a wise and benevolent dictator, but at some point I'll lose power to death, or a coup or whatever, then the population is screwed. No sustainability for the interests of the citizens. So we can toss that one out.

Democracies: Everyone gets their say, no matter how stupid, or ignorant. If we had a true democracy in America there would be a pile of nitwits wanting to re-institute slavery. There would be an equal, if not larger group of nitwits wanting to pay restitution to the descendants of slaves. Meanwhile the million of those who are adamant abortion should be illegal duke it out in the voting system with the million or so who think abortion should be allowed to the last second of pregnancy. So with so many voices nothing gets done. Ever.

Republics: So we come to what we have here in America, a Representative Republic. The trouble here lies with political parties, especially if there are two big ones. The winning party in a district does whatever the party wants, regardless of the percentage in a win for their election. So Let's take that nitwit in Minnesota. He won by about 200 votes (last time I even bothered to look) but because of the way we accept the two party system the 49.999% of his districts have no voice for 6 years. Six freaking years!

That's a problem here in America, we only pick vanilla or chocolate. Democrat or Republican. We are used to it. It's comfortable. But in the long run it's ruined our country. Blind adherence to the party mantra, the constituents have no say. We don't count anymore. The country is run with polls and statistics, which can be bent any way they want. It sickens me. Makes me want to take a big poop on the white house lawn, and piss on the steps of the capital building.

The sheeple need to be woken up. But the bombardment of party advertising and the endless drone of the propaganda machines of both parties never sleeps. Like two brothers in a fight, if a third party interferes, the two brothers beat the snot out of the new guy, then go back to beating each other's brains in.

Time for a real change. Time for Americans to tell both the Republicans and Democrats to take a long walk off of a short pier. I doubt it will happen, but every chance I get I try to inform the public about what's going on, and to plead with them that it's time for real change. I talk to strangers about the federal reserve. I mock Obammy and McCain. I get into in-depth political discussions at bars with my buddies while we drink beer and encourage others to participate in the discussion.

In other words I encourage people to think. If we want real change and not more vanilla or chocolate then we got to wake up the sheeple. I don't know about you, but it's high time we get some strawberry, or better yet, cookie dough ice cream.


Anonymous said...


The biggest problem with a two party Republic is that the power shifts back and forth between the two parties which causes the nations direction and policy to change so much all the time.

How can you do ANYTHING long term when policy will change every 2, 4, 6, or 8 years?

Bitmap said...

An important part of our Republic that you forgot to mention is that it is a Constitutionally limited Republic.

If the federal government is not limited by a Constitution then a Republic is not much better than a pure democracy.

A Constitutionally limited democracy would not be a bad thing. However, our population is so large that having everyone vote for every issue that comes along would be tedious at the very least. Probably doable with computers and the internet, but still tedious.

Patricia said...

While we have a representative Republic in theory, what we really have is rule by Big Corporations and other special interests. Big Corpa owns both parties, and politicians are but the lackeys of Big Corpa. Since the War Between the States, this has been the true nature of our government. There is a core group of political and wealthy elites and they leave their cosy jobs at Big Corpa and go into government, then leave government and go back to Big Corpa. Big Corpa owns both parties, and have written the rules that keeps other viable parties out of the government. It's an oligarchy, rule by the wealthy, for the benefit of the wealthy. A few crumbs are tossed to the masses to keep them quiet.

Cynical, yes. But it is a truer picture...

Anonymous said...

Problem with democracies is its tyranny of the majority. Minority rights always get trampled.

Minority in this case being anyone with less votes not necessarily a racial thing.

Morphic said...

This 10-minute video illustrates that there really are only two kinds of governments -

Shy Wolf said...

You didn't really believe Suterobama was going to make good on his promises, did you? The only ones you can rest assured of are those he didn't mention...changing the Constitution to meet his goals, taking your ammo and weapons, screwing you every chance he gets, ensconsing himself in office as Lord and King forever (there's already a bill in the works to change the term of Pres to as long as he wants).
"Change you can believe in" translates to "changing everything you believe in".