Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Musings

I just cannot get over how quiet it's been. There has been a nearly palatable buildup of expectation in the media. Nothing overt, mind you, but subtly it seems like America is holding it's collective breath waiting for Obammy to come save us.

I find this funny. I find it funny because all those who bought into his ill defined "change" except that on January 21st all will be right in the world. Like some fairy godmother waves her magic wand and POOF! it's all back to normal. No matter what he does it's been built up so much that it's got to be a let down. I cannot wait for my liberal friends to come up with some sort of excuse for why the economy is still in the shitter.

Looks like he's making $775 billion more in economic stimulus. Roads to nowhere and I have heard in at least two reports a "you got a job, here's money" check to middle class families that have a job. I wonder what he considers middle class. I consider myself middle class, and I make 100k a year. Now if I could find a girlfriend who wasn't a golddigger, mentally a basketcase, or didn't want to stay at home and eat bon bons all day, I might be able to break into the upper class for a year or two before we have kids and I go into the poor house.

But I digress. So Obammy is on the high horse we just need to see if he's tilting at windmills or not. I think he is. But you never know. Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups. If enough people think the economy is fixed, then well, it's fixed. As individuals, most non-(sub)urban Americans are smart, hardworking, and generally don't put up with any bullshit. In large groups we Americans are lemmings who will gladly run off a cliff for an empty promise.

I for one do not trust Obammy for a second. He will take a Taco Bell inspired dump on America and wipe his hoop with the Constitution. He's a Politician, that's what they do. Never forget this whether or not you voted for the nitwit. I'm still waiting for any word of how he's going to fund his version of the Sturmabteilung. I'd shit myself laughing if they wore brown shirts. Narcissists are notoriously bad at paying attention to the details, they let that one slip and all he's going to break loose.

He's just handed off this $775 Billion dollar plan to congress, they only have a week or two to go over it before they got to start voting on it if they want Frau Pelosi to have it on his desk for Jan 20th. I bet it's in there we just have to root it out and expose it to scrutiny.

I wonder what that SOB has planned for this American Sturmabteilung. I'm going to look into joining it when and if it comes around. Like Winston in "1984" volunteering a night a week for the Ammo factory, it would be good camouflage for me. Who knows, it might get me enough pull to cross roadblocks when the poop does hit the fan. The SA in Nazi Germany was mainly drawn from the poor and the jobless, where the SS was recruited from the middle and upper classes. I wonder how they will handle it in this repeat of history.

Stay Alert!
Trust No One!
Keep Your Laser Handy!


Mayberry said...

2 things:

1. Trust NO ONE, especially Obammy!

2. 100k? Single? Stay that way until AFTER SHTF!!! Ha ha! You got it made in the shade m'man!

Staying Alive said...

Fantasy versus Reality. At this point America is in love with the fantasy. But the needle is not far from the bubble, and then Reality steps to the fore and we face the new world. Got preps?


Art said...

"middle class"? Don't think so .. Individual incomes over 100k EASILY fall in the top 10% of all income earners.. Over 73% of ALL HOUSEHOLDS (many dual income households) earn 75k or less. 2006 #'s courtesy of Wikipedia.