Friday, January 16, 2009


Damn it is cold. On the way to work this morning it was a balmy -4°F. New England has not seen temperatures like this since I was a little kid. Global warming my ass.

Now if you are lucky enough to live in Fargo, ND you are used to these temperatures, and scoff at the poor fools in the rest of the country trying to deal with it. It's no joke though. The cold compounds all problems with the car or the lack of proper clothing exponentially. Add a few items to your car if they are not already there. Things like a blanket, 120 hour candle, extra flashlight batteries, and some high calorie food that won't freeze. An extra hat and gloves would be a good idea in case you misplace them.

I've been looking at my ammunition problem, and trying to figure out the best way to stock up on 00 buckshot for my shotgun. To make your own is easy enough, except the wads are no longer made by winchester for the hulls I would like to use. ClayBuster has a replacement wad but they are out of stock everywhere.

Another thorn in my side is .308 brass. Most places are out of stock of used brass, and new brass is really expensive. I'll keep looking though. Just a matter of time before I find it.

Tax season is upon us, I cannot wait for my W2 to come in the mail. As soon as it does you can bet your ass I'll file electronically so I can get that money before Uncle Sugar runs out of cash. I will be investing in a MBR, probably a M1A. I can get mags easily enough from a online supplier, just need to ship them to a friend in RI. I'm working on switching a small credit card I have to that address. Should be fun.

The other option would be to buy all the parts for a FN-FAL and asssemble it myself. Mags are much more expensive, and harder to find. Worth looking into.

Well i got a lot more to chat about, but I got meetings to go to. Take care everyone and keep prepping!

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Mayberry said...

Well I don't feel so bad about our gray weather in the 50s here now....