Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taxes soon

I just got word from the IRS, my e-file was accepted, they figure February 6th for the bank to get me my cash!

I've been doing some shopping, I want to get some spare parts for the M1A like an OP rod, ejector clip and spring, OP spring, etc... Seems they are kinda hard to find for short cash. Some places have op rods for $150!!! I'm good at finding a bargain so it's just a matter of time before I get the spare parts.

I need to draw up a list of additional items I want to buy with the tax money and stick to it. I need to save what I can for a down payment on land if I can find it in Maine.

I got to keep prepping, the big question is generator or solar panels with deep cycle batteries... This year I will get the power situation squared away.


Mayberry said...

AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! I ain't even got my W2 yet. Buggers....

Dr. Richard said...

Good job. I just got my taxes done this week as well. VA accepted my efiling but I had to express mail my Federal return. Solar vs generator depends on your budget. Long-term solar is better but it is extremely expensive. For solar, you will get the 30% investment tax credit that will likely be refundable (essentially a grant payable about 60 days after installation) once the stimulus {socialist pork} bill passes. I have an energy efficient 2500 watt generator and 105 Wp of solar panels with inverter, charger, and batteries. I want to put a full size solar system but don't have the money for that. Start with power for the "two week or less" scenario and include enough fuel for running the generator for two weeks. I would invest in a wood stove and solar hot water (PV powered so it is not dependent on gridpower) before I invested in the larger PV system.

tmo said...

these panels were about 7 bucks a watt this past summer/fall. in the spring they will get bumped back up to similar prices (winter is the best time to buy panels.

you only get the rebates if the system is tied into the grid and usually installed by certified professi8onals