Friday, January 16, 2009

Bad Moon Rising

Well I'm back in the Deflationary camp again. Take a look at this graph from this article.
This isn't good for anyone with debt. A deflationary crash would be much more of a sudden event than a slow slide. When the bank's JBT show up to repossess your house, because you make 1/2 of what you did a year ago, but the mortgage is the same, bad things happen. The thought of a deflation scares the shit out of me.

On a different note, I spent some time tonight reloading some shotgun shells for shooting skeet this weekend. I also deprimed and sized all my pistol brass, and I've got it in the tumbler right now getting all cleaned up. After reading really doom and gloom news it's nice to reload some ammo. Really soothing for the raw nerves, ya know.

I need to do something about the ammo supply for my main weapons. I'm going to buy some .45acp brass from because it's so cheap. The biggest trouble for me is getting .308 brass. It's getting freaking impossible to find. Just bums me out. Going to be a major problem for me soon. I mentioned in my earlier post I'm buying a MBR soon. Like ASAP.

I need to buy more powder for the .45 ACP. I'm currently using Alliant Unique powder for my .45... It's as dirty as a whores ass, but it's economical and performs reliably enough. I should buy a 8# container. Same for the .308 powder, H4895. Should get 8# of that as well.

On the cover of shotgun news there is an ad with a scope kit for the Mosin Nagant for $45. This bears further investigation. If it doesn't require permanent modification I'm buying one. Then I'll get the dies for $20 and buy my next batch of ammo with brass cases. They use the same bullets as my .308 so that's a handy commonality.

Well that's enough rambling for tonight. Gettign cold out there so everyone be safe!


Mayberry said...

Hmmmmm..... .308 is a NATO round. It's gettin' hard to find..... Maybe the PTBs are reloading? I'm just sayin.....

Staying Alive said...

Getting .308 is a nice thing. I don't get too enthusiastic about pistol rounds. 00 Buck is the main round for defense with a 12 gauge. It will take out man and anything smaller. Get other 12 gauge shells at Wally World and buy the #8 shot box of 100 for about $23. It's Federal rounds and they make good stuff.

You have plenty of food? The defense end of things is pretty popular with most guys but you gotta have food or you will be defending skinny people.

But you are doing well with what you are reporting and I say prep on.


western mass. man said...

I knew I saw some somewhere this morning. Looks as tho he is close too.
1000 once fired .308 for 200.00.
He's up in S. Portland ME.
Auction ends in 3 hours tho.

theotherryan said...

I think in our climate of fiat currency in a situation where the printing presses are going as fast as they can serious deflation is probably not likely.

H2SO4_guy said...


I heard you on Big John’s show and liked what you had to say. One comment on the projectiles for the Mosin Nagant. First off, it is .311 or .312 in diameter, you can slug the barrel to find out exactly, while the .308 is just that, .308. If you do use the .308 bullets, they will work, but they are sloppy and accuracy will suffer. Whatever you do DON’T use a .311 diameter bullet in a .308 or you might find your life becoming interesting in a hurry.

If you have a 91/30, 44, or one of the Finnish types, they are designed for a 147 gr. bullet, while the sniper version is designed for a 203 gr. As always, find out what your particular rifle likes to digest. The East Block surplus ammo is quite reliable, tends to go Boom every time, (After all, it was designed to kill us) but as with any steel case, it is difficult to reload, although not impossible. Consider ALL surplus ammo to be corrosive even if it says otherwise. It is ALWAYS prudent to clean your weapon after shooting anyway. A good net resourse is Check it out, there is lots of good info there about the MN rifles. They are cheap enough that extras can be purchased, set up for underground storage with some ammo, and will be available years down the road if needed.
Discount ammo can be had at 440 round Spam cans are $79 each or save a buck and get 2 or more for $78. A month ago they were $10 less, but I’ll bet they are not going down in price anytime soon. The ones that I got are Bulgarian 147 gr. made in 1980. If you get 2 or more spam cans, they come in a sturdy crate with an opener.

Keep your powder dry (And consider burying some!)

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