Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Flu:2 - Natog:0

Well some nasty bug is whipping around New England. My Mum got it and beat it but she's semi-retired so she could get the rest she needed to fight it. Me, I'm still working for a living and had to blow two precious vacation days on trying to beat the flu back. Where I work all personal, sick, and vacation days are in one pool, so the less time you are sick, the more vacation you get.

Well a few people at work have it to, and they got flu shots, where I didn't. Guess those flu shots aren't worth it. One said he was taking tamiflu, but it didn't help. I'm just taking my normal vitamins, Nyquil at night and tea with honey and lemon during the day. Should be back to (mostly) normal by Sunday at the worst. Guess Mayberry got it too, so I hope he's getting back on his feet.

I managed to stock up some extra supplies earlier in the week. Bought me 10 pounds of brown rice. Not the enriched, or the instant. Just plain old brown rice. It's very good for you, or I should say it's a Carbohydrate so it's not good all the time, but this is the best of the worst... If that makes a lick of sense. I split it into two 5# bags and used my FoodSaver to vacuum them up. That should be good for about 7 years. I fear I'll be using it sooner than that, though. I normally don't eat rice, except with Chinese or Thai food, but it is there for a change of pace if I need it. Or I can trade it for something else I need, or even give it away for charity.

Got me some more canned foods too. I've been a busy little beaver and got my larder nice and full. I took some gallon mason jars and filled them with pasta, then vacuumed it shut so it should last many years. Expiration date says 2011, but I'm confident with no O2 getting to it it will remain wholesome until 2013.

I finally got my W2, so tomorrow I'll be filing electronically. I'm single so I get fucked by uncle sugar good and proper. One of these days I got to find a woman and marry her just for the tax break (just kidding). Hmmmm - tax break for two years then alimony for the rest of her life... not worth it!

Well the two shots of Nyquil I took had me go on a four page tangent about how crappy my social life is. I'll just snip that part out so I don't bore everyone to tears.

Tomorrow I got to start planning my garden. I think I'll use Google Earth to figure out where the best place in my yahd is for it. I guess I should have paid more attention to where the sun is in the summertime. Then I need to figure out the average final frost time. Then I need to start some shopping! I have my seeds, just got to figure out what to grow and when to start! Cannot wait.

I wonder how many people can tell where the sun is strongest on their property for each season? We are so far removed from our agricultural roots in the country it's a shame. Agriculture and manufacturing is what made this country great. Now the lawyers, politicians and the damn bankers had to ruin it.


Patricia said...

Hey Natog--for your flu, you might want to try a few home remedies. I've found that many of the remedies at Earth Clinic do work and work well and fast. YMMV, but it's worth a try.

Good luck,

erniesjourney said...

Hey Natog - remembered reading/watching something about the H5N1 virus being put into tamiflu (by Rumsfield no less). Gee, what a surprise since he brought us aspartame too! Dr. Rima Laibow had a video warning out about it a few months back. i know you said a co-worker was using it, but please do not use it yourself! Use sodium ascorbate powder and colloidial silver (small amounts)instead if interested in something else - check out for yourself first please _ ai am not a doctor!
God Bless and Prep on
P. S. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Mayberry said...

Not 100% yet, but much better! Hope you feel better soon....