Monday, December 1, 2008


I don't know it's me, or if it's the blogosphere, or even the news outlets, but for me it seems things are weirdly quiet. Perhaps it's a global hush from the bold and well executed assault on western tourists in Bombay. From what I've read, it seems that the body count is a bit low. There are rumblings that this is a false flag attack from Pakistan. If that is the case I expect a big throw-down out there. Both of them have nukes, so it's no joke.

I cannot shake the thought that I was meant to have that rifle. Now I'm an agnostic, not an atheist, so the call of the divine is something I don't scoff at. I firmly believe in Karma, and the series of events that lead up to me buying the rifle rings of otherworldly influence. Now no angel or demon, no valkyrie or totem animal came up to me and said " wants you to have this." But the series of coincidences that unfolded in such a short piece of time is just too coincidental.

I hope it's all just a weird sense of coincidences, because that means I was meant to use it. That's not a good thing if I have to use that rifle. On the other hand, the touch of a benevolent spiritual being is to be cherished. I really hope I don't need to use it. When I shot that rifle on the weekend, I could put three rounds @ 100 yards so they were touching. That's without a toe bag, just a crappy bench rest I made from plywood. I wouldn't want to be on the other end of that rifle trying to not get shot.

Now combine this with a buddy lending me a whole bunch of American Gunsmithing Institute DVD's on long range shooting, more accurate handloads, and the Sig pistol, M1A, Remington 700, and SKS armorer's courses. That's a lot of information to process, and another coincidence.

And don't forget out of the blue my Fam is on board with the preparedness thing. Very strange set of coincidences. Very strange.

Now I know a preponderance of my readers are Christians, and I respect that. I don't think it's the path I was meant to follow. So for now, let's leave it at that.

Back to the quiet. It's heavy, like the cold mist on a March morning. It's clinging, wrapping it's cold embrace to the bone. Is it a warning? A premonition? Yesterday I took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. I normally cannot sleep during the day, a bad flaw for an IT professional who pulls all nighters about one a month. But I napped all afternoon, me on the loveseat, and my dogs on the couch. I did not dream, or if I did, I don't remember it.

As an aside, I'm almost done with "The protectors War" the second book of the Change trilogy. It's very, very good. I like the first one better because it dealt more with the crisis itself, and I fear we all can relate to that. I highly recommend the series.


Shy Wolf said...

Very interesting you notice a sort of 'spiritual' calling to prepare, Nat. I'm not going to 'knock' your beliefs, but will share a little of mine. (Once was agnostic as well, but that's not my point.)
I really truly believe we are in the days preceding the 'end of days' and that God is talking to us- as He does, through His Spirit. I also believe that 'no one prepares who has not been called to prepare' (my wording). Just as no one comes to Christ unless they are called- which is why making converts is such a problem.
I feel the Spirit telling me to prep, as do you feel 'something' encouraging you, guiding you. We just call it different names- I just choose to accept it being God.
Keep prepping, Nat- and God bless.

Staying Alive said...

I can honestly respect anyone who disregards Christianity. They have become the cage of every unclean and hateful bird. I am not saying there are no good people left in there, but I am saying the people of God are not required to submit to it.

Just follow where you think the spirit is leading and don't worry about the small shit. The election of God standeth sure. He knoweth them that are his.

Carry on, Natog.


Mayberry said...

Mind those "gut feelings", little voices tellin' you something.... They're right 99% of the time. And yes, sometimes things do line up just right so that we might accomplish what we were meant to do. Heh heh, nothing comes my way unless it's by design.... I think you were led to that rifle for a reason. Practice with it. Strip it, and put it back together. Learn it well.

Nightshift said...

"May your children live in interesting times". Some say it is an old Chinese curse, some say it is good wishes. I think it is a curse and we will see it. Congrats on the rifle. I need a long range hitter but for now I have a 6mm bolt. 100 grain bullet at about 3200 fps ain't bad.

Got a few other things that go bang too. The call to prepping is strong in me too. I try to balance it with the wifes opinions but she is coming around more and more.

I know money is evil but darn it, I could get alot of crap done if I had some.

I have lucked up on some great deals myself. Had a brand new (Shot twice)Bushmaster "M-4" with a $450 aim point, tactical flashlight, and 3 mags offered to me for $700 by someone needing money..guess where that puppy is? Yes I spent the money I did not have but could not pass. That puts me at well equipped in the firearms department.
2 ARs
numerous 22's
2 40 cal auto pistols
12 ga pump
2 30-30s
2 10-22's
6mm bolt
and some odd ball guns
Mags, ammo (Need more), supplies.

I would like a second pump shotty but was given a stoeger coach gun 12 guage double. It will work at the house.

Anyway, take care.