Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Interesting Pamphlet

A while ago, in one of my utility bills, I got a flyer from the MRC - the Medical Reserve Corps. They list all the area chapters contacts and phone numbers,and a bit about what they do. They even offer free training if you join for family preparedness, first aid, CPR, pandemic planning and even behavioral health. Interesting.

In the flyer they also list a complete guide on what everyone should have in a "Emergency supply kit" Basically a week of water (1 gal per day per person) and a week of food. Also on the list is the various bits that everyone should have, flashlight & extra batteries, Bleach, garbage bags TP, battery powered radio, etc.

If I knew nothing about it, this pamphlet is a good list to start from. I know better so I'm up to nine months worth of food, and over three weeks of water. I also have way more than a "basic first aid kit" and so on and so forth. I just find it very interesting that the flyer is going out now. I just poked around FEMA's site and nothing new is there.

Other than this flyer, the prevailing message from the media is this "SLEEP" Go back to bed, wrap yourself back up in the Comforter of Ignorance, and Sleep. Meanwhile, the dare I say it enlightened among the populace are yelling "Wake Up!" at the top of their lungs.

Over the next year or so we preppers need to maintain a rational and keen mind. The blanace between planning for a collapse tomorrow and one in 6 months, or twelve, etc. must be maintained. Don't max your credit cards buying gear or food. Go out for dinner and dancing every now and then, some might not because "it" could happen then. Well you have to do stuff for your mental health and well being every now and then. Just think of it as a mental preperation when you tippy-toe out the bunker to wonder what the bright thing in the sky is...

The Sleeper Must Awaken!

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