Friday, December 19, 2008

Big storm commin'

Yep, the big snowstorm that's been hammering the Midwest is on a road trip to Boston. I drove into work today in anticipation of being let out early. My Jeep is quite the snow pig, and has seen many a winter storm. Just remember that having a4x4 means you don't get stuck, but it does not stop you from sliding around. Also it does jack shit for helping you stop faster. Like any skill, you need to learn how to do it right, then practice it.

We are expecting 1-2" of snow an hour, totaling about a foot. I have plenty of food stored in my pantry and fridge. You won't find me in the supermarket on a BEM run (that's bread, eggs, and milk). It's a snowstorm tradition out here. Panic buying of dairy items that need refrigeration... just when the power might go out. Keep sleeping sheeple!

I'm going to build me a reloading bench. I got all the supplies I need, so as long as the power stays on I'll be in my workshop building it. I'll take photos and post the plans for everyone. Might spark a few ideas for your own gardening, reloading, or work bench.

Woodworking has been a hobby of mine over the years, and you might be wondering why I haven't been mentioning it in my blog over the last seven months. Well I have a heavy workload, that doesn't end when I walk out the door at work. That leaves little time for myself and my hobbies. So I put off all woodworking until I got my preps to such a point that I felt confident in my ability to weather a moderate disaster. I feel I am at that point, so my first project will be to build something with a purpose.

So I'll be making snowangels tonight. Have a safe weekend everyone.


hotdogjam said...

The economics make sense for you. Really, no insult or slight intended. I love cornbread too.

When my wife comes home with wheat bread or that seven grain bread I can't even stomach one slice of the stuff. Wheat bran = yuck! Me store wheat? The only reason would be to feed it to livestock.

I guess that's why they make wheat muffins and blueberry muffins.

Shy Wolf said...

Chuckling, Nat, about not getting stuck with a 4x4. Actually, the fave expression around here is that 4x4s get stuck twice as good but twice as slow as 2WD. But you're right, just be careful and know that your odds of being safe are much greater in a 4x4.
Enjoy the snow: we got 14" here last week end, forecast is another 6-10 inches this week end.

western mass. man said...

My favorite expression to the wifey,

"It's four wheel DRIVE, not four wheel stop."

note *her usual response is a slap upside my head*