Monday, December 22, 2008

One of these days

The thing that I tell you now
It may not go over well
And it may not be photo-op
in the way that I spell it out

But you won't hear from the messenger,
don't wanna know bout something that you don't understand,
You got no fear of the underdog,
that's why you will not survive!
-"Underdog" by Spoon
I never believed in the power of subliminal advertising. I never held the thought that peer pressure could make me do anything I didn't want to do. But it has. I bought me a house, and I've been having trouble paying for it. I bought into the American Dream™ lock, stock, and barrel. I figured that the majority of a man's (monetary) wealth was his home, and since I had jack shit for retirement, that by purchasing a home I would be investing in myself.

Now I was at least smart enough to get a 30 year fixed mortgage, not a ARM or whatever other subprime shenanigans that was available at the time. The big problem is that I have come to the conclusion that we are heading for a deflation. Any debt you carry into a deflation is going to fuck you over so fast and hard you would wish you were born without a hoop.

You see, in a deflation, the dollar buys more goods and services, which isn't a bad thing except the $2,300 mortgage payment can now buy a brand new car, and the $75,000 salary you used to make is now $25,000/year. But the bank still wants that $2,300 a month! When that happens I think the mailmen delivering to the banks are all going to throw out their backs because of all they keys being mailed in!

So in a deflation you hoard cash. Cash is king. If it comes to that, I'm going to stop making payments, slap an Obammy sticker on my bumper and wait for a handout. I'll save the cash so when they finally evict me I'll be able to rent a house for $400/month. Something with a swimming pool. Maybe give up the rat race and move up north to Maine and go native. Buy me some land and see if I can telecommute for a job. Live in a tent, poop in the woods. Build me a cabin.

It's not that simple though, is it?

I've been trying to wrap my head around how a few hundred thousand troops and 700,000 cops are going to pacify and control 330,000,000 irate Americans when the economy goes tits-up. I know the media will have a large part, as the propaganda machine for the police state. That will pacify a portion of the population. Jail? Concentration Camps? Obammy's SA civilian police force?

I figure some sections would be too lawless for even troops to enter. Chicago, LA, NY, Boston, Detroit, Atlanta, etc. would be isolated until the population inside self-destructs to the point that a military force can be brought in with air support for a mop-up and pacification. Survivors go to a concentration camp for processing. Maybe this is Obammy's idea of "wealth distribution" as the townhouses are reassigned or sold to the pacified citizenry.

A concerted effort would have to be made to prevent patriots who are sick of the bullpucky from rising up in outright rebellion. I just cannot see the Federal government having the resources to take on it's own population. This is where I see the need for insurgents to conduct anti-propaganda rallies, flashmob protests, cyber warfare, etc. That's what I see myself doing if this scenario happens. A can of spraypaint in one hand and a laptop in the other.

I need to mull this over some more. Perhaps the NSA, CIA, FBI, FEMA, etc. ideas of control are illusionary. Vaporware. Perhaps the beast in every man, woman, and child's soul will rise as the economy crumbles turning America into a giant violent orgy of self-destruction. There will be many of us who will stand against the hordes, some overwhelmed, some still standing when the dust settles.

So here I sit, with beer in hand, exercising the first right, the right of free thought, trying to put the puzzle together before all the bits and pieces are available. Most of this country has given up on that most inalienable right, the right to think for oneself.

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Mayberry said...

Well, it is a bit of a conundrum..... I've wrestled with whether I should stop paying the mortgage or not..... If things work out, it'll pay to keep the house. If not, it's a noose around the neck. Flip a coin, eh? Merry Christmas!