Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...

Well New England got turned into a winter wonderland this weekend. This photo is from my buddies deck at halftime on Sunday. It's amazing to me how many chuckleheads slid off the road this weekend. I went to the range on Saturday, froze my beans off, but I got to practice.

It's very important to practice in ALL weather conditions, so if and when you need to make a tough shot that means the difference between supper and starvation, your going to be ready. Plus, I had the place to myself, no one was there, except the plow guy who stated " you're insane to be out here." I was bundled up with four layers, so i was rather toasty. I told him he was crazy for only wearing 2 layers in this weather!

I got paroled early from work in anticipation of the storm, so I made use of the time and built myself a reloading bench.
Not too shabby, considering I have a tradition of drinking many a brew whilst in the middle of a snowstorm. Got the use of all power tools out of the way before I got too hammered. Carrying it into NSB (Natog's Sekret Bunker) was a hoot when I couldn't walk a straight line!

No reloading was done until I was quite sober on Sunday afternoon. I have loaded 28 rounds to see the difference between Nosler and Sierra bullets, and the difference between Winchester and some other mystery cases I inherited with my rifle. They are labeled 7mm-08 but either come perfectly sized or are identical to .308 Winchester brass. I verified them extensively with my calipers before reloading them.

So bright and early Christmas morning I'll be shooting my .308 rifle. Iread that 7 round groups provide the best tradeoff between statistical accuracy and economy, so that's wht I'm using. I'll let you know my results!


Shy Wolf said...

Ouch ISHKA, Nat- don't drink an play with power tools, either. (Okay, 'nuffa the safety class today.) You know not to play with matches in the reloading bunker, soooo...
One thing about inclement weather is it's an aid as well as a hindrance.
We can be more sneaky in bed weather.
But so can our enemy.
We can evade more easily in bad weather.
Until it changes, anyway.
No one really 'expects' lazy civilians to be out in bad weather. So we can surprise them.
Also, guards in bad weather are more lazy as well.
Gotta love an hate that bad weather.

Mayberry said...

Ewwwwww!!! Y'all just keep that stuff to yourselves! Ha ha! Nice bench Natog. And hey, I've built straight boats while walkin' a bit crooked..... But like you, I got the power tool stuff outta the way first!