Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's all the rage these days for you to wear your own ass for a hat. One look in the media is proof positive that this new fashion is sweeping the country. while at Mum's for dinner on x-mas, There was something on CBS about Obammy, I didn't watch it, as I rather stick my hand in a blender than listen to that meatball. It was obvious they all had on their asshats sucking up to the media king. Howard Stern thinks he's the "king of all media" well he isn't fit to hold obammy's jockstrap. Obammy even leaked a shirtless photo to the media so he can get E! network blabbing about him. Narcissism anyone?

So leading the asshat brigade is the federal reserve. There is a huge assumption going on that just might bite us in the collective butt. The assumption is that we are facing another Depression like the one in 1929. The question I have to ask is what if we are not? Then all that Heliocopter Berneke is doing is screwing the pooch that much harder.

Let's review. The Fed lowered the interest rate to get the banks to loan the 700B bailout money. But the banks have zero confidence in each other, so they are sitting on huge sums of capital. Plenty of money out there, just everyone is too damn skittish to loan it to each other. Not that I blame them I trust bankers about as much as lawyers and politicians, which is to say not at all.

The problem here is what next? So the Fed has shot the wad, so to speak, but he's far from done. The crisis has not resolved itself one bit and the Fed's empty. They got nothing to bring to the table. They are D-U-N.

Which leads me to the idea that while their head is firmly planted in their ass they might get some harebrained scheme to make banks lend money. Negative interest, taxation on cash-on-hand, or some other terrible notion. I think the Fed has reached the point of desperation, which is not a good thing for the average citizen. I've been re-reading "1984" so I think doubleplusungood is an appropriate term.

I haven't even looked at the Stock market because everyone is quite fat and happy from the holidays, and are starting to look forward to their W2's and thier tax returns. But soon Wall street will start smelling the bullpucky, and will slide all over the place like a pickup in a icestorm without bags of sand in the back.

Then Obammy comes to the rescue. He's talking about another 700 to 1000 billion of dollars to rescue the economy. So where does the line form for my handout? I have just as much right to one as the lazy fucker who won't get a job and lives off welfare. He's going to invest it in infrastructure, he's giving economic stimulus, he's got a plan!

Translation: Bridges to nowhere, print money for a handout, he has no freaking clue what to do.

I'm revising my earlier prediction of deflation, I am back to 50/50 between deflation and hyper inflation. Remember it takes 9 to 18 months to see the effects of a cash infusion in the economy. I'll be prepping like mad in the mean time, and so should you!


Mayberry said...

Whatever the gub'mint does, it will screw things up more. They ain't figgered out yet that they are the ones who caused the mess in the first place..... Or if you wear a tin foil hat, maybe they have......

theotherryan said...

I saw something maybe on Hermits blog that had a picture of the Senate building and said "if you think our problems are bad wait till you see our solutions."

Steven said...

Hey Sir,

I just came across your blog and enjoyed it very much. (Lots of good info combined with hilarious personal insight). I hope to keep coming back; keep up the good work! God Bless.