Saturday, November 29, 2008

.308 Rifle

Well there she is. A Remington 700 VS in .308 Winchester. I'm on my way to the range now, and I got a lot of stuff to shoot! I have the .308, I'm bringing my Mosin Nagant, My .22 Marlin, and a Seko .22 my buddy lent me. I'll also hit up the pistol range for 50 rounds to try to sharpen those skills.

The .308 is a shooter. I had a bit of a SNAFU because I didn't understand that high-end scopes have a focal length, and you need to adjust it by turning the big end from 50yds to 100yds, etc. Out of the box it is dropping 180 grain factory rounds in the paper, and with a few clicks I had it in a 2" circle. Not bad for factory 180gr crappy loads.
On Thanksgiving I visited a friends Dad. He's like a father to me, as I've known his son since Kindergarten. He gave me a lyman press he had "floating around"! All I need are shell holders, a good reloading book, and a scale and I'm reloading rife and pistol ammo. I cannot wait to start dialing this gun in with a good handload.

I have all the loading data this fellow has on the .308, and it is quite extensive. But he kept meticulous records, so I will continue to do the same. Everyone have a safe weekend, I'm off to the range to put holes in paper.