Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Spaghetti-oh's and TEOTWAWKI

As a kid, I loved them. I'd get a grilled cheese on rye and dunk it in the Spaghetti-Oh's and eat it, while scooping out the oh's with salt and vinegar chips. Yummy.

So what's this have to do with The End of the World? Well I made sure that I had a few cans in my preps for boosting morale. Depending on why your digging into your preps, either from a slow slide or from a sudden event like a hurricane, you need to keep your spirits up. That is what this post is about.

The human spirit can take a lot of shots, and keep getting up for more, but let's face facts: It's not a pleasant experience. So to cushion our spirit, we need to stock some supplies ahead of time. So we nourish the body, we need to nourish the soul. Kinda weird coming from and agnostic I know, but Just because I haven't "found God(s)(ess)(es), etc. doesn't mean I' don't believe we have something after this world.

Anyway, be sure to pack some "soul food" away. If you have a female within 1000 miles of your retreat, I cannot stress enough the importance of chocolate. I'm not sure the best way to store it, but I've got some vacuum packed and frozen. Obviously, canned goods are the way to go for durability. They are heavy but the idea is to have some, not a lot. If you love hamburger helper for whatever reason, grab some, and rotate it out. The trick is to have fatty, comfort foods to help you cope in the first 72 hours of trouble.

Also I feel it is very important to have whatever you need for your faith. If you have a religious book, a separate copy should be with your preps, preferably in your BOB waterproofed. Any items like rosary beads or prayer rugs, etc should have backups stored with your preps. Anything that brings serenity and a peaceful frame of mind should be with your preps. I, for example, love the cranberry chutney scented candle from Yankee Candle, so I have half a one stored with my preps. Light + comfort.

So kick back and take inventory of the things that bring peace and serenity and make sure some of those items are with your preps. It'd be a shame to have all the firearms and food for a year, if you go nucking futs after a month.


Staying Alive said...

The way this 72 hour thing was presented to me was that it was to keep you and those around you from freaking out and getting alarmed and all the crap. It also is to keep those not in the survival mode from getting too antsy. If rationing has to occur due to what ever reason, lack of enough food or a bigger crowd than expected, then you over feed for the first three days to get everyone mellowed out. After 3 days you can start rationing if you need to do it.

I bought 2 huge cans of Chili from Walmart and 1 huge can of Cheddar cheese spread. I'll get the whole place pigged out and too full to move. After 3 days we will look at things and see how we stand. Ain't no tellin' how many things will go wrong in the beginning.

Good move Natog.


Mayberry said...

Yup, I concur with Michael. "Comfort food" will be very important. The more comfortable you can make you and yours in the initial days of the crash, the better.....