Friday, December 26, 2008

I've been thinking it over
And I know just what to do
I've been thinking it over
And I know I just can't trust myself

I'm a Gypsy prince
Covered with diamonds and jewels
But then my lover exposes me
I know I'm just a damn fool


I give what I've got to give
I give what I need to live
I give what I've got to give
It's important if I wanna live
I wanna live
I want to live my life
I wanna live
I want to live my life

As I load my pistol
Of fine German steel
I never thought I'd be so down and out
Having my last meal
But I know I can do it
It just took a few years
As I execute my killer
The morning is near
- The Ramones "I wanna Live"
In order to keep my skills sharp I practiced with my pistol yesterday morning. If bad things are going to go down, I want to be ready to defend myself in an efficient and effective manner.

I think it's best to draw as little attention to yourself as possible, but once your singled out, what do you do? I'm a big guy, so I have some innate intimidation that I can work off of. That has pretty much been my mode of operation, act like the Grey Man, but when confronted, puff out the chest and take charge of the situation.

So far, so good for me. The abrupt switch in demeanor and appearance is usually enough to cause enough confusion so that I'm left alone. At some point, I am going to be called out by some meatball who needs their attitude adjusted. Then things will get messy.

Back to the original idea for this post. When and if they come after you, whether it's the zombie mutants, Obammy's thought police, or the fedz. You got to make a stand. The might want to take your guns, or your food, or your freedom. Make them pay dearly for it. Also spread the word so they don't have easy pickings somewhere else.

There comes a time in everyones life when they need to draw a line, and stand tall. It's different for everyone, and it changes as events happen in our world. These are big decisions. To be honest I don't know what I am going to do if I get a knock on my door and it's Obammy's thought police looking for my guns. Surender and live on to fight another day? Is it worth living in a world of fear, barely scraping by?

If "they" told you to go to a FEMA camp "for your own safety" would you comply if you have food, water, and shelter? Would you go if they asked a second time with your house about to be assaulted by the SWAT team?

With hard times you need to make hard decisions. Prep the mind, the body and the soul to give you and those who depend on you the best chance for survival.


Mayberry said...

HA! Excellent post! Engage yer noodles folks, and say "hell no!!!!!!!!!!" Never let 'em take ya alive! I'll fight 'em to the death for sure!!!! There'll be a hail of bullets from me before anyone takes me, and I'll be dead when they do.......

azurevirus said...

You got it straight, fly under the radar as much as at the cops and wave..make sure they see ur I gave to the policemans retirement fund bumper far as the guns go..I would turn mine in if requested (I guess they would mail something to me first to see if I would comply)..but then the guns they got would only be my "registered ones..if I got a reciept or better yet my money back..I have several now that arent registered to me at 4 diff locations..and the ammo for them all at another location with my spare clips ..I figure even if I never use my hidden weapons..they and the ammo would be good for barter or least a few of them..on a good note I bought a 22 Ruger 10/22 semi auto carbine and a scope setup night before xmas that pretty much sighted in yesterday..what suprised me about the gun is tht it seems to drop 3-4 inches at a 40-42 yard target..shoots straight but I have to shoot above the area I want to hit..maybe my sighting in needs a little more sighting step is to buy a few more mags for it..and if it makes a diff...I was shooting hollow points