Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Great article!

I got this from Jim Rawles' site: World Stability hangs by a thread.

Read it. It is loaded with key bits of information that I have not seen in the US news. Here are a few snippits from the article.
Events are moving briskly in China too. Wudu was torched by rioters this month in a pitched battle with police. Violence has spread to the export hub of Guangdong as workers protest at the mass closure of toy, textile, and furniture factories.
I didn't hear squat about rioting in China.
The shocking detail in the World Bank's latest report on China is that wages have fallen from 52pc to 40pc of GDP since 1999. This is evidence of an economic model that is disastrously out of kilter, and unlikely to retain popular support.
So the seemingly invulnerable China has trouble brewing. Through Hong Kong the populace has had a taste of the Western gluttonous lifestyle, and the Commies can't deliver.
Russia is a hostage to oil prices. If Urals oil stays below $50 a barrel for long, we are going to see an earthquake of one kind or another.
Ok, So the US of A, Russia, and China are in trouble. The three major powers have their dicks swinging in the breeze. Add Japan, UK, and Germany as second-tier powers with big problems.
In the 1930s, it was not obvious to people living through debt deflation that their world was coming apart. The crisis came in pulses, each followed by months of apparent normality – like today.
Lulled to sleep by the government outright lying about the inflation and unemployment rates the sheeple don't have a chance. I've found the foreign news is filled with better information the local Media doesn't share with us.

This news is troubling for me. My Grandfather, on his death bed, looked me right in the eye and with a moment of lucidity through the haze of drugs told me: "Beware of China!" It was the last thing he said to me.

The Communist Party lost its ideological mission long ago. The regime depends on perpetual boom to stay in power. As the economy sours, there must be a high risk that it will resort to the nationalist card instead.

Tokyo certainly thinks so. When I visited Japan's Defence Ministry last year the deputy minister showed me charts detailing the intrusion of China's fast-growing fleet of attack submarines into Japanese waters. "We see its warships in the Sea of Japan all the time," he said.


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Staying Alive said...

The Old Man said that China would be a problem for the next 1000 years. Kinda funny how we get those little messages as we go along in life. Makes you think that someone of a much higher pay grade knows what the hell is going on. We prep on!