Friday, December 5, 2008

Viral Marketing

I have to admit the interest in the New England Prepper Network has been rather low. I'm wondering if I ran my own marketing campaign how successful it would be? My idea is to print off a ton of stickers with the web address and a little logo for the NEPN and slap them on street signs and such. Also print out flyers and stick them on bulletin boards.

Yeah it's technically vandalism, but I think the message has to get out there somehow. If Cartoon Network can do it for a show I think I can to save lives. I'll have to think about this some more, especially on where I can put them to at least reach a few more people.

I suspect the low interest in the NEPN is because of a few factors.
1) The bulk of the population is asleep.
2) We have a larger percentage of Moon-bat liberals.
3) The vast majority of the population is urban, not rural.

I think I'll map out all the local gun ranges in the area, and start with putting flyers up there.


Jayce^ said...

As soon as you have a domain/site/whatever for the network, we can add it to the other networks we know, that will help.

Same thing with us just starting the Utah preppers network. Just start it, feed it from your content at first, and it'll grow.

Linking from the other regional networks will help in getting found. A lot of people are looking, they just aren't always sure how to find it. So that's just one more way to find out.

Shy Wolf said...

In this area, all the laundromats have bulletin boards for whatever, as do most of the grocery stores. If there's a JC or college nearby, all you need do is ask permission to post bulletin/wantads/etc- so long as they're in good taste (here at least).
Maybe a one-inch block in a local mullet wrapper for a couple bucks would get some attention, and local radio ads are pretty cheap- run it twice a week for two weeks, outlay about $50 (but, gee, why spend your own money?).
Is there a 'free shopper' paper in your area? Manny's is nation-wide but does miss some areas- still, if it's in your state, why not put in a free ad?
It's going to be slow at first, like starting a business- you just have to keep plugging along.
Not that it'll help much, but send me a link and I'll post it on my site, too.
At least you aren't doing Virus Marketing ;)

western mass. man said...

I can get some things going in my part of the woods. Im not good at Word or Excel. Better with a screwdriver and a wrench. Maybe enlist the kids to do a few fliers and/or such.

Mayberry said...

I say start it, and "they" will find you. Most preppers are in a more proactive mode, and actively seek out what they're looking for. TPN took off rather quickly, but hit a plateau. There's only so many of us out there..... You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.