Monday, November 3, 2008

Calm before the storm

Well all the liberal moon-bats are preparing for the second coming tomorrow. All of Massachusetts is just moist in anticipation. The anti-Question #1 people are out in droves, their war chest of 5 million is being spent to snuff out the voice of liberty. They want to stop busting people with less than an ounce of pot. They want to ban dog racing. Nanny state knows best.

I listen to a local sports radio station a lot, WEEI. They are top dogs for sports radio in the US. We Boston sports fans have a lot to chat and listen about. The morning show guys are about as anti-liberal as you can get - to the point that if their favorite ice cream was Rocky Road and they saw John Kerry eating it, they wouldn't touch it for the rest of their lives.

Now on the show the do chat about politics, but this time of year it's about half the show. I personally cannot stand their knee-jerk reaction to anything without really thinking about the issue. Their Neo-Conservative tirades are annoying, but I put up with it to hear about sports.

One caller did bring up an interesting point about the decriminalizing of pot. It would be better to just legalize it and tax the fuck out of it than to just decriminalize it. If it's decriminalized, then there still is a large black market operating which makes big bucks for the criminals. I thought about it at lunch and I agree. I don't smoke pot, I would advise anyone and everyone not to smoke pot, but I rather see the cash go to buy schools and fire trucks than buy some drug dealer a new Mercedes.

Tomorrow, I'm not going to set foot outside my house once I get home from work. Just in case a race riot breaks out or anything weird goes on. I would suggest that if you live in an urban or suburban area you do the same. Being prepared is not just stuff you buy, it's actions you take to avoid trouble.

I'm not going out on a limb to say there will be trouble in major cities if he wins or not. I was waiting in line for my lunch and a very urban/hip-hop/thug young black man asked me if I was voting for Obama or not. I threw him off his little rant by stating I was writing in Colin Powell. So the young man said "'bout time an black man who understands the American black experience gets elected to da white house."

I raised my eyebrow at that, and the young man went on about being descended from slaves, etc. I stopped him cold by saying Obama's father was a Kenyan, and was not the descendant of a slave. The reply was swift, " Well, what the fuck do you know?" as he squared up to me. That's when my good friend who was watching all of this, laughing his ass off, said "A fuckload more than you."

Such ignorance is prevalent among most of America. So exercise your right to vote tomorrow, while we still can.

Oh did I mention my friend from work was Black? And he's voting for McCain. I couldn't convince him to write in Colin Powell.

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PKS said...

You know Powell endorsed Obama, right? I'm just sayin'...