Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The King is Crowned

Well Obama has won. Big shocker there. I was surprised with the lack of violence post- announcement. If Detroit and New Orleans burns after a NBA victory, then a (half) Black president is worth at least a dozen overturned cars and several fires.

Now what does that mean for us preppers? I am no oracle, no seer of visions so take this with a grain of salt. I actually see the financial markets calming down, although I think the bailouts are having no effect. AIG might go tits up any day now and we are seeing the Lehmans CDS fiasco still working its way through the system. I think of it along the lines of gorging yourself on beer, Taco Bell, and questionably good ice cream for dessert. It probably won't kill you but your going to have all sorts of "fun" passing it. Plan on living in tennis shoes and boxers for a day or so while it works its way out. Like wise keep your mental acuity sharp, your awareness heightened. I wouldn't get bogged down in the fine detail, skim the surface so your not slowed down with the media masturbation going on because their chosen one was elected.

So banks will still continue to fail, and the economy will still be shaky (at best), how could Wall St. be stable? It's simple, everyone is drinking the Magic Kool-Aid that Obama is handing out. False hope. Things will get better before they get worse. I'll make no bones about it, if his presidency fails, then you will see rioting across most urban areas. If he is assassinated, there will be even more rioting. Maybe bad enough those nitwit white supremacists might have the race war they want.

I have a very pessimistic view of humanity in large groups. There has already been three foiled assassination plots on Obama already. Granted these are the kind of chuckleheads that could barely tie their shoelaces, but that's three attempts. I would not be surprised in the least if there are more plots, and not just from chuckleheads, but serious men of evil intent.

Time for me to share a bit more of myself on the web. Language used from here on in will offend you, so please read it in context before judging me.

I used to be a racist. I was a racist out of ignorance. My Maternal Grandfather was the most racist man I have ever met. He was half German and half Irish and would call my Grandmother, who was also half German and half Irish, a drunken Mic when he had enough wild turkey. If I wore my baseball hat backwards he'd call me a N****r. Everyone was a Mic, a wetback, a wop, etc. My father was racist against Blacks and Latinos, and I never knew better.

Granted, I never yelled insults to people or egged minorities homes on Halloween or anything like that. No, it was much more insidious. I just thought I was better than all non-white. Which is weird because my father and I are part Cherokee.

It wasn't until high school, when I started to meet minorities in classes that I had to sit down and do some thinking. I guess that is what separates me from 90% of America, I actually thought about my attitudes and beliefs and consciously changed them. It's hard, something I work on on an almost daily basis. I am a better man because I am less ignorant.


Mayberry said...

Folks are gonna get their "change" alright..... The only problem will be the lack of "change in their pockets"! Hold on for the ride....

Shy Wolf said...

Interesting and food for thought. I had never met more than one black while growing up. Met many in the Army and had no problems, didnt know what prejudiced was.
Then came the election of 2008 and I was daily fed a diatribe of being racist because I don't condone the policies of the democratic party- of which I was once a card-carrying member.
So I guess now I'm a racist since I certainly do not condone the current (new) administration or any of its policies. Of course, I'm against any sort of remuneration to/for slaves, so I'm an even bigger racist.
Damn, God and I're gonna have a good talk about this.

Nightshift said...

I have a good bit of Irish in me along with alot of Heinze 57. Ever read up on the Irish slaves that were taken by Britain? Blew my mind. Where is my check?

Seriously though. I have no place for racism. You can be a dumb a55 no matter your race. I remember boot camp the first night. This guy from Tennessee was scared and confused. He had never seen a black man except on TV. That is back woods. He did fine.

I do see more race problems coming down the pike. Just one more thing to worry about.

Scott said...

"If Detroit and New Orleans burns after a NBA victory, then a (half) Black president is worth at least a dozen overturned cars and several fires."

"I used to be a racist."

Used to be?