Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back in the Real World

Vacation is over. Oh well. For 6 days I didn't read the news, check my e-mail, or watch any TV. Mentally I am refreshed and ready to take on the world. Physically I hurt like hell. Playing a video game for 16 hours a day in a chair that's bad for your back can break you down.

I did get out a bit, especially yesterday. In the morning I practiced shooting, and scored my best to date with my 22 rifle. At 50 yards I could cover the 5 shot group with a nickle. Considering I have a low-end .22 rifle, I am pleased as punch. I have no intention on buying a better .22 rifle at this time. Although there is a strong desire to compete, I got more important things to buy.

I still have a major hard-on for an FN-FAL or an M1A battle rifle. Maybe it's foolish because obama might take them away, but I want something handy in case it really goes to hell in a handbasket.

I picked up more food supplies for my preps. My main batch of seeds came in! I have what I need to grow food for myself if push comes to shove. It's a load off of my mind, but there is more to do. I could not find any hard red winter wheat, but the crops should come in the spring, so I'll buy some then. I didn't get a chance to grab another 150# of corn, but I will this weekend.

I've been over my supplies and there are a few items I need to grab. I need cheap garden tools from a flea market or yard sale. I also need to grab some cheap LED headlamps. And I also got to grab a solar battery charger, with a second set of NiMH batteries in AA and AAA. I'll order these items this week. Having vacation at home and cooking (most) of your own meals saved me a ton of cash. All of which will be set aside for a MBR, or put into food preps. That's it for me on an update now, I'm also writing up an article I'll post later on.

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