Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Pistol Drill

I saw a link to Commander zero's blog on Rawles survivalblog.

It's a pistol drill I wasn't aware of but doing it anyway. At my range you are only allowed to shoot at 25 or 50 yards. So I was blazing away at the standard NRA pistol targets. I even bought some replacement centers. Turns out the replacement centers are exactly the size of a average man's chest. So I can shoot at a silhouette without breaking the clubs rules about no silhouette shooting.

Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to move while shooting, but when no one else is around I'll practice shooting while kneeling or while using a post or bench as support. I only do this once in a blue moon as I am so accurate when supported, I don't need the practice and it's not worth getting talked to by a range officer when it's perfectly safe, just not what the club wants.

Anyway, I shot this weekend and I am keeping it in the 7 ring at 25 yards, which is about 8 inches across. Not too shabby for someone who started this summer.

Now go out there buy a good pistol and practice. Get a .45 unless you cannot handle the recoil, then get as big a caliber as you can handle. Then practice your ass off!

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DrewB said...

A .45 is good, but the caliber is not as common as .40 and 9mm. I hear you on the extra stopping power, but if you do your training a .40 is almost as good as the lower recoil means a 2nd shot more quickly. I mention the caliber because finding more ammo after the fact will be easier w/ the common still. Not to mention they are cheaper. Personally I have gone w/ one of each.