Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gun Grab

A lot of people are worried about a gun grab, where the federal government takes away your firearms by force. I think this is overblown a bit.

I fully believe that a new version of the Assault Weapons Ban will go back into effect. Banning all imported military-style arms. I fully expect a ban on all new non-LEO, non-military magazine sizes to be 10 rounds or less. Perhaps to go so far as California's fixed magazine requirement. That's about as much as he could ram through congress and the senate before the 2010 elections. I do not see him being able to do more than that. Although the hardcore democrats would like more, he has to split his time with other projects, like working on the welfare state, righting all the "wrongs" of the past administration, dealing with the financial crisis. He won't have time, and I doubt he will try to take on the Gun Lobby, the NRA, and the bulk of the middle class during his first term.

I say the middle class because as crime increases, more and more from the shrinking middle class will buy guns to "defend" themselves. Without training, whatever they buy is useless, but they won't want to give up their protection. I might be off base with this part, but unless martial law is declared, I don't see a gun grab happening.

His second term is a different story. If Obama maintains a Democratic Senate and Congress, I fully expect a gun grab of some kind. I also expect a lot of situations to come up like Ruby Ridge and Waco. I expect a lot of people in law enforcement and civilians to die from it.


thatguyinkentucky said...

I think that you are giving a very rational assessment of the situation. Obama is not stupid, and an all out ban would be political and quite possibly even literal suicide.

dword said...

I would think that Obama is smart enough to know you don't always have to take away the guns if you can strangle the supply of ammunition for them down to a slow drip. Price manipulation of ammunition in addition to heavy restrictions and legislation about the purchase and sale of ammunition would work just as well as taking the guns; without the ammo they aren't much more than over-complex paperweights after all.

Staying Alive said...

We are less than two years fom another congressional election. Never forget what happend to Bill Clintons Democrat majority when he came down on the guns. He lost. Obama does not want to lose. And his NWO buddies will just have to wait until he gets this financial mess under control. It's the economy, stupid!


darrell said...

I agree with all said here..but to the author of the article ..I ask what would it take under the exspanded presidential powers now to actually implement Martial Law..a terorist attack...a presidential assasination attempt..a dirty bomd..just about anything will do it..(I may be wrong here as I ingest too much online reading and often get it tangled up ) but I think an act of Martial Law used to take an act of congress and some other things..I think now the president alone can implement it with just a stroke of his pen..might want to ck up on this for sure tho..Good Article

Nels said...

Oddly, forbidding gun imports is one of the few things the constitution might allow. After all, the Feds are supposed to regulate trade, impose tariffs, handle foreign relations, and so on.

If a president wanted to encourage the domestic arms industry by forbidding the import of military weapons, I'd see that as within his power, and a good thing for the country.

If he also tried to discourage the domestic arms industry, that would be a very different matter, of course.

I agree with the folks who are saying that the next attack will be against our ammunition supplies. Stock up ASAP, as much as possible.