Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prep Time

Well I've been blessed with a half-day today in return for working 6+ hours in the middle of the night last week. So this post will be a little short.

I cannot find any hard red winter wheat at the feed stores, so I'm going to try the earthy-crunchy stores next. I'll have to pay more, but if it's less than $25 a bag I'll still buy some.

I have yet to bag up the corn I bought into mylar bags, I am concerned I do not have an airtight container to put the O2 absorbers in so they will stay good. If I don't find any wheat by Sunday I'll buy 150# more corn and put that up. That reminds me, I need to buy a cheap iron to seal the bags.

Well the rest of the day will be spent prepping. I want to change the oil in my jeep, and I need to do some housework, and yardwork. Harbor freight has a bowsaw for $7, (with coupon) so I might swing by and see if it's worth it.

I am on vacation thursday - tuesday so I doubt I will be able to post. I'm not doing anything special, but I'm not going to be hitting the boards, or checking the news, nothing. A complete mental and physical vascation. I need it real bad.

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Mayberry said...

HF bowsaw is ok. Get extra blades....