Friday, November 7, 2008

Northeast Prepper Network?

Sorry for the intermittent posting this week. I've been on call which means long days and my pager going off all damn night. I have been trying to formulate a good post idea for the last half-hour, but I've failed in that department.

So I have been mulling about the idea of a New England Prepper network. With a big tip-o-the-hat to Riverwalker for doing the Texas Prepper's Network.

I am limited with the amount of slack time I have, so I will not be able to provide enough content to make it worthwhile. I did notice that there is a way of allowing other people access to the blog as guest authors. So I won't have to do all the work, and others who might not have time to blog regularly can post information that is beneficial to everyone.

In the past in comments here and there there has been some interest, so if you New Englanders are interested in working together to keep a site focused on New England filled with content, please post a comment or drop me a line. I'll post my e-mail below.

I noticed on that someone noticed that has already increased the price of their high-capacity magazines. Big shocker there. I already have a tough time with buying magazines here in Mass so I already figured price hikes were going to happen on Nov 4th. I still need a battle rifle, so until I get one I'll just save any money to put towards that, and then buy mags once I have it in my hands. An AR-15 mag does me squat, if I get an AK-47 or an M1A.

Speaking of AK's there is one in the gun shop near my house for $650. It's new, but I think a M1 would be a better buy for the same money. Or you could get two SKS's for that. I need to look into the SKS, some can take AK mags and are cheap. I need to educate myself a bit on these firearms. I might be forced into settling for one, if I can't save enough money for the M1A or FN-FAL I want.

Well, my e-mail is, feel free to drop me any non-spam mail. I'll do my best to get back to you promptly.

So for now I think M.A.S.S or the Massachusetts Anti-Sheeple Society has a good ring to it. e-mail me ideas for names or articles and let's see what we can put together. Eventually I'd like to see this blossom into something a little bit larger, maybe group buys of equipment and supplies. Face to face meets. Who knows? For now, let's focus on getting the ball rolling. I see the potential for a lot of good community building in this. I know there is a silent crowd here in New England who wish to pass on information, but do not want to give any exposure to themselves, their families, and thier preps. I can respect that. Any personal information would never hit the blog(s) unless you specifically want it to. If anyone has some good information that could help us in hurricanes, blizzards, or mutant zombie infestation. Please send it and I'll post it anonymously.


Marine 83 said...

If you can find a M1 for 650 do it. For my money that is a better rifle, better caliber and almost as robust as the AK. I will grant the AK has the 30 rnd mag going for it, but to my mind your better off with the M1. I'm not tring to start a war here, I'm just offering my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.

PS. I have an M1 and it is designated for that purpose.

Mayberry said...

I like "New England Prepper's Network".... I say go for it. I'd love to see prepper's networks in every state/region. It's simple to allow miltiple posters on Blogger.

Ammo prices made quite a jump right after the election. 440 round tins of 7.62x54 went up 20 bucks over night. Grrrrrr....... Oh well. I know what I'm askin' Santa for!

western mass. man said...

Count me in.

Natog said...

Actually, the .30-06 cartridge is lights out better than the 7.62x39mm! It's a valid hunting cartridge used for two and four legged game around the world.

The issue with the M1 is reloading with stripper clips and a 5 round magazine. In the northeast it's pretty tight quarters, so the better ballistics from the .30-06 isn't that big a deal.

I still rather get a M1A, but we will see.