Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Monster Within

A bit of a philosophical post before going on vacation. I firmly believe that every human being has the willingness to commit murder in their hearts. Scrub away the Saab, the Cardigan sweater, the espresso enemas and you essentially have a wild beast, held in check by a thin layer of morality and social customs. Granted, most social customs are an extension of morality, but not all. For example, is it a violation of morals to eat with your hands instead of silverware?

Obviously the social customs would be the first to go in a societal collapse. Things like polygamy and polyamory would rise in acceptance quickly. Especially if the female to male ratio is out of balance in either direction. I know for the Christian segment of my readership is not going to be too happy with me lumping marriage with "social customs." I just would like to point out that Christians have affairs, just like everybody else. Although that is a poor example, as breaking an Oath is a moral issue.

Back to my original point, as I try to avoind the slippery slope of religion, everyone is capable of murder. If you had a child who was sick with some horrible disease, and some corp offered you a cure if you killed a death-row inmate for his stem cells? If you were starving, and you saw a group of thugs kill someone for food, would you kill the thugs for the food?

I could go on and on with these thought exercises. What does that mean to us?

If the poop hits the fan in a bad way, then I fully expect to have to kill for my survival. Let's face it, I work in a densely populated urban environment, surrounded by a lot of people with questionable moral standards. How bad an incident has to be criminals take advantage of the reduced law enforcement presence? What did that study find? After 3 days the average human would steal to eat, after 7 they would kill.

I don't mean to dwell on such negative aspects of our preparedness. It is a situation I never want to face, I hope all the prepping we do is in vain. But if something really bad does happen, the woman in the pantsuit might try to kill you for the MRE you are eating. My plan is to avoid as much humanity as possible, so I won't be forced into such a situation. But I prepare for the situation, in case it presents itself.

I am currently reading "Dies the Fire" by S.M. Stirling. I'm only half way through and I think it's an excellent book, well written and entertaining. I will be buying the remainder of the series and passing them to friends once I am done. This is what got me to thinking. Any book that makes you use your noggin is a sound time investment.


Shy Wolf said...

Chucklin about your polygamy/polamory idea... if the gov't keeps going the way it is, all the women will be living with women and men with men.
About killing to survive- it is a natural extension of the spirit within us according to Scripture. Those who have a strong Biblical morality will probably last longer before killing someone for anything, but true- they probably will eventually.
In such as situations as you're speaking thinking, yes: I think three days will be long enough. Then it will be one simple theft at first, escalating as life became more difficult and scarcity of food/etc ensued.
I will draw the line at murder, however, unless that person killed was also trying to kill me. At least, I pray I draw that line. Time will tell, God is in control.

darrell said...

I dont know about the book..I got it thru Amazon along with some others and I just cant get into it..isnt that about the mother goddess or something like that? ..all I could think of is a hippy commune for some reason..I havent read but about 1/3 of the book at most ..pick it up read a couple pages and put it down..I reread my books like SAS guide to tracking or Wilderness Evasion..I have many on wilderness camping and a few good ones where ppl float the Mississipi and more or less camp out on the banks..pretty interesting on the type of ppl they meet and such..the hardships they encounter and endure..especially those peeps that go on those solo canoe expeditions..those ppl are either paddling or carrying their canoe/supplies..thats got to be tough ..I mean when I go camping I like doing it alone off the beaten path..not at some campground..I like the being alone part..the peace and quiet..I guess I just can connect with these ppl in some way