Monday, November 24, 2008

New rifle

Well I was shooting skeet in the below-freezing weather with a few other hardy folk on Saturday when a guy came into the club to post a flyer about the gun he is selling. Turns out he's selling a Remington 700 VS chambered in .308 Winchester. Exactly what I am looking for in a bolt-action rifle.

It's got a heavy barrel, which is limiting tactically, but I wouldn't consider it too heavy for hunting moderate distances. I figure I could lug it around for a few hours with a proper sling on it. It is not good for any kind of snap-shooting though. Too cumbersome to whip around. On the plus side, the rifle can shoot 1/2 MOA accuracy and the seller has the ballistic data to back up that claim. The barrel also has a custom muzzle-brake to reduce full power .308 rounds to a recoil equal to a .223, which basically eliminates it. I checked, and no holes are drilled on the bottom of the brake, so it will not kick dust up. The trigger has been professionally done, with a 2# pull. He has a replacement follower for the magazine so it can be used as a bench gun. This follower can be removed easily for hunting.

The rifle has a synthetic stock with aluminum bedding block. The grip is better contoured to larger hands, it's the same stock as the police version. He has a monster 32x scope on it, I'm not sure of the specs but it is optically very clean and has a 50mm bell for good light gathering. He also is including a full set of dies for reloading, all his ballistic and reloading data, bullets, brass, primers, cleaning rods, and a case.

I know I've been mentally masturbating over a MBR like a FN-Fal or a M1A. I realize I cannot afford such a weapon at this time. Once tax time comes again I'll be sure to get one, and it might be too late by then, who knows? I do know this. This is about $2k worth of stuff going for $500. The rifle is plenty big enough to hunt all but moose and grizzly. It's in a common caliber that can provide headshots at 300 meters without batting an eye. I will also get everything I need to start reloading .308 except a press. I can get a used press at Kittery Trading Post up in Maine after the holidays, I'm planning a trip up there in early January. Until then I'll keep my ears open at the club, and on craigslist for a used press locally.

I'm picking it up Wednesday, I'll post pics for sure!

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Staying Alive said...

Sounds like a Monster. I'm jealous as all get out. You ran up on a deal! But that is our method if we are not rich. We use patience. Look what it did for you!