Monday, September 29, 2008


I am a ZOMBIE. I've been reduced to the mental capacity of the American President. Easy decisions are now difficult with the lack of sleep I've had in the last few days. So odds are this post won't make much sense, but what the hell!

This stresses to me that when and if a big event happens we need to have as much thought out ahead of time as possible. I'm going to work on plans and assemble them into my survival book.

I found a galvanized garbage can yesterday at Benny's. It's a local k-mart type place. $20 for the can and another $6 for the lid :( Oh well. Now to buy grain, mylar bags and O2 absorbers.

I got 20 pounds of spaghetti, with enough canned sauce for it. That's a lot of pasta. At 2200 calories a day I have 20 days of food in spaghetti alone. :) I realize if I am fighting, working, etc I'll need more than 2200 calories a day, but this at least gives me a yardstick to measure my preps by. I have a few boxes of other pasta I got on sale, too. Almost forgot about those. Now I got a good head start it's time to focus on canned meats. I have about 10 cans of canned chicken I bought. Figure at worst I could heat it up and toss it with the pasta or add it to the beans. I loathe SPAM, both e-mail and meat by-product. I'm not a fan of jerky, either. So this is a spot I really need to improve upon.

Another spot I need to get squared away with is vitamins and veggies. I'm a strict carnivore, so veggies are not anywhere near the top 1000 things I like to eat. The veggies I do like are basically found in salads. I walked through the caned veggie aisle, and the only thing I liked was some baby peas (I take them like pills) and sauerkraut. Not much of a selection. Off to buy vitamins and fiber pills I guess.

60 days of food, 30 to go by Jan 1st. Too bad it's the expensive stuff I need to buy.

I still haven't decided to invest in silver or gas for this week. I'm leaning towards gas. But I'm not 100% certain. Time to fish or cut bait.

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Staying Alive said...

You know that vegetables are loaded with fiber and that you need fiber. Buying fiber pills is NOT the best way to go. I am a carnivore myself but I make myself eat some greens every day. And I don't have to take a fiber pill! Other than that, you sound like you are on the right track. You need to decide whether or not you can pay off the Jeep quickly and efficiently. After you pay it off you can concentrate on getting it stronger and better. I like your thinking about storing gas. On my end of things, we are getting a new wood cook stove. I am so happy. It will put heat in the building and provide free cooking. Not much goes on these days that can knock your bills down like a wood stove.