Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Three essentials

Just a quick thought. There are three items you should have in your home stash of preps. Fire buckets, plastic buckets and baby wipes.

Fire buckets are those galvanized metal pails. Quality ones are hard to find, but cheap ones can be had at HD or Lowes. They serve two purposes boiling water for doing dishes, and as a bucket brigade to put out a fire. I used to use them camping all the time, fill with water, put the bucket in the fire when dinner is done. just about the time you're ready to clean up you have hot water. I wouldn't use these for boiling drinking water, but for cleanup they are perfect.

Regular buckets are very useful. With plastic garbage bags they can be a latrine. They can catch rainwater, or fill them with water before the water stops flowing to flush your hopper. Use them as wash basins to clean dishes, or to take a bath. Very handy.

Baby wipes are going to be a nice item to have if you lose power for long periods of time. We Americans are used to taking at least one hot shower a day. In a post hurricane situation without power. you can give your self a quick bath with a baby wipe so your not stinky. Hit the pits, your feet, then your nether regions and toss it. Feel like a million bucks. Also good for TP.

Toss a box of heavy duty garbage bags on the list too, I'm too lazy to edit what I got so far. Way too many uses to list. $3 well spent.

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