Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thirty seven and a half hours!

And still going, I'm the energizer fucking bunny. The upgrade we were working on has shit the bed in a most spectacular way, and my stuff isn't the problem. My poop is wired tight.

I'm an exempt, aka salaried, employee. We do not get breaks, we work a minimum of 50 hours a week without any overtime. Downtimes are scheduled over birthdays, anniversaries, etc. without the slightest hesitation by Sr. management. I checked into it, and I'll never be financially compensated for the overtime I've done over the years. I added it up while on a pointless con call, and I figure it's about 250k at time and a half over the last 10 years.

Management does it's best to give us comp days, but it's strictly against corporate policy. It's all cloak and dagger. My last day here I'm dropping a deuce on Sr. Management's desk. The major advantage to this job is 6 weeks of holiday/vacation/sick time a year, and it's 100% recession proof. No matter how many banks, insurance agencies, etc. fail I'll have a job so long as they don't give me a heart attack. And no, I don't work for the government.

So that's why I've stayed. Things weren't always this bad, it's gotten a lot worse over the last 2 years. If the economy rebounds I'm out of here faster than taco bell through a baby. But with the looming financial crisis, I'm up in the air whether or not I'm going to leave.

We IT guys talk of unionizing, but the federal government would outlaw it fast. 45 hour work weeks, hourly compensation, breaks, limits on consecutive hours of work. My word I could bankrupt my employer with OT alone!

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