Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcome back to the 70's

No, not a resurgence of disco, which would be the Christian Hell on earth. Gas lines are expected to make a comeback. Lovely!

I vaguely remember them as a kid, and it just flat-out sucked. At least I could telecommute once the pumps ran dry. They didn't have that in the 70's.

I'm still here awake, but not necessarily alert. It feels like I got a tablespoon of sand in each eyeball, and I'm hungry enough to eat the ass off of a dead rhinoceros. I'm alone in the datacenter with four huge chillers that sound slightly quieter than a 737 during takeoff. I've hit drudge and cnn, but I guess no banks failed during the debates. Although Wachovia is in deep Kim Che because their stock is plummeting because the stockholders figure they are the next one to go.

I'm glad I got that gas yesterday. If I get out of here before 4pm I want to hit my shady pawnshop for more silver. Gas or silver? That's a tough one right now.

Meanwhile, looks like we have ourselves a tropical storm heading our way. I expect Kyle to clip Cape Cod, no biggie. Looks like the storms not going to gain much strength even though it's riding the Gulf Stream like Seabiscuit. I wonder if the two low pressure systems could suck the storm further inland? I'm good to go, but Mum is on the coast so I'll be ready to haul ass down there to cut trees for firewood for Mum. My Mum's a tough old Yankee, so I'm not worried too much, especially since I managed to talk her into cutting down most of the trees close to the house.

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Mayberry said...

I think y'all will be ok. You get nor'easters worse than what this thing will do wind wise! Might get a bit soggy though, especially if it moves inland and slows down...

Gas lines am a-comin' for sure. The infrastructure is obviously taxed to the limit in the best of conditions.... One little hiccup sends the whole thing all catty whompus. Watch yer six my friend...