Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well the campout was a bust, literally. We had been camping where we shouldn't have, and we got caught. Most towns out west have no police, so it was the Mass State Police who kicked us out at 9:30. At least they didn't shoot any of us, and because we were cool about it we don't have to go to court or anything. Oh well. We got away with camping on some corp's land for 6 years, and left it better than we found it. My conscious is clean.

Wound up crashing at one buddies house, but it's not the same as a campout. Now we need to find another place to camp. We don't like camping in public places, as they are not our style of camping. We drink a lot, and swear a lot more, so we don't mix well with the yuppie families that tend to frequent some of the camps I've been too.

We did talk of buying a chunk of woods together, but we will have to see how things go. Together, we should be able to buy 10 acres of junk land for short money. Then we can drill a hand well and I have my bug out location :) If the other 2 open thier eyes it will be a BOL for them too.


theotherryan said...

I guess that you got a good place to camp for 6 years for free. Having it be your couple of acres that the group crashes on would prevent that from happening in the future and give you a good opportunity to stash some useful stuff and dig a well there.

riverwalker said...

Looks like it's time to check out the real estate in your area!


kookster said...

Sounds like you camp the same way I do. Thats the only way to camp! Most state parks allows "dispersed camping" meaning you can camp anywhere you want in the park.