Friday, September 26, 2008

One goal met. many to go!

Well In an earlier post I mentioned I wanted to get 25 gallons of gas set aside. With all the shortages in SC, NC and TX I bought a couple more containers, dumped the 1/3 full one in my jeep and filled them up with "Sta-Bil"ized gas. So I'm done there. One task down like 50 more to go.

Preparing is like fighting a Hydra, the many-headed mythical beast. You take care of one thing, and two more spring up in it's place. I wanted to grab a galvanized trashcan to store mylar bagged grain in, but lowes and home depot don't carry them any more. Off to the local hardware stores to find one. I figure that the mylar bag (with O2 absorbers) will do just fine in protecting the food from oxygen and insects. To stop mice, I'll load the bagged grain into a galvanized trash can, and seal the lid with a heavy weight, like some ammo cans of ammunition.

I can then use the smaller mylar bags and store a wider variety of goods. Beans, rice, pasta. Salt and sugar. All protected and ready for use. I need to shop around for a grain mill, too. If you think the mylar bag + garbage can won't work, post a comment, and let me know.

I'm working most of the weekend so I'll have a bigger post for later. I hate working all-nighters.


Lweson said...

Why not use the old standby of 5 gallon buckets instead of the Trash can. There are lighter and more easily moved full. I just went to Home Depot and saw the buckets with lid only cost around $3.50. I would still use the mylar bags with dessicants and O2 absorbers. Thats what I have done.YMMV

dennis said...

throw out the sta-bil and get the PRI...go to internet and will find you wasted you money and time...before you invest, its best to test...\

western mass. man said...

Check Lehman's for a grinder.
I just checked the one I bought last year, but its on backorder and has gotten a little pricey.
E-bay has a few. The Corona will work in a pinch, but I would only recommend it as a back-up. No stone grinding for that grinder, just metal grinding burrs.
It will still work, you just have to run wheat through it a few times.
Keep in mind, you get what you pay for with these grinders.

tjbbpgob said...

I have seen those galvanized(I think) at Wallyworld.

tjbbpgob said...

I meant to say galvanized trash cans.

Natog said...

The problem with the 5 gallon plasic buckets is that mice will chew through it. Granted, it will take a while, but the little bastards will get to your grain!
I didn't see any at wally world, I'll swing by Benny's tomorrow.

Staying Alive said...

Mice teeth don't stop growing. They have to gnaw to keep their teeth from harming them. Chewing their way through a plastic bucket is not that big a deal for a mouse. I would suggest using any kind of bag you want. Just freeze the contents for 3 days before you store in in your galvanized can. That will take care of the vermin that come with the grains. We freeze and re-bag with a few Bay Leaves thrown in for another anti-vermin measure. We also leave the frozen grains out over night on the kitchen table to let the condensed moisture escape. This should do it. And you are right! Those galvanized cans are getting harder to find. Good luck!


Someone You Know said...

NATOG, the Über geek

Congratulations on getting one of your preparedness projects done.

Since you are concerned about mice and other vermin in your food storage, I would like to suggest you use 55 gallon metal drums instead of galvanized trash cans.

The open-head drums allow the whole top to be removed. They also have a rubber or fiber seal and a clamp to further protect your food. In a pinch, you can place your food directly in the barrel if you run out of oxygen absorbers or mylar bags.

Plus, these drums can be bought for less money then the trash cans.

Lweson said...

Ahhh makes sense now. Although I still dont worry about mice. Got three of the best mouse catchers Friskies can feed. Now if I can just get them to eat it or throw it away instead of "letting" me find it with feet in the morning. Ya go fully awake (Ballistic) when ya come down on something wet and furry.

DrewB said...

Where do you buy the 55 gallon drums? That sounds like a good idea, but a quick look on the Google has them for $110 plus shipping... WAY more expensive than the trash can options.

DrewB said...

Oh, and one more thing, in addition to the freezing and bay leaves, you can put some dry ice in the container before you seal it. When it "melts" it will displace all the O2. It will stay O2 free so long as you do not disturb it or have any holes in the bottom. This will significantly extend the useful life of the O2 absorbers.