Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reckless Endangerment

If you give porn or drugs to a child this is what your charged with. Drive like your in Boston Traffic when your not in Boston traffic and this is what your charged with.

When you let the economy fall apart because of partisan politics, and screwing over the middle class so you can make billions with your oil buddies, and construction mega-corp... That is what you should be charged with. But nope, the republicans and democrats will happily skip away holding hands while the middle class burns.

Looks like Washington Mutual's about to crash and burn too, shares dropping as stockholders sell because they lost confidence that they have enough assets.

Seems to me that the modern banking system's only purpose is to screw over the poor and middle classes, funneling money to the elite. The only reason that we haven't had another class war is because we might win the lottery and join that elite. Or win some ridiculous lawsuit by spilling hot coffee on themselves. I guess hot coffee is hot! Wish I thought of that one.

Let's see. Name one American president that was poor while running into office. Oh yeah there isn't one! Washington owned most of Virginia, John Adams was a well-established lawyer, Reagan was a film star, etc. I would say the Federal government has lost touch with it's humble beginnings, except that the entire Constitution was written by the upper middle class. They were all more successful than the average man. They still did a great job, though. Then the politicians got a hold of it and screwed it up but good.

Many could argue that any government by man is destined to fail, that only the Kingdom of God will provide justice, peace, etc. Well I'm agnostic, so I cannot bank on some divine savior coming to fix our problems, we are going to have to do it ourselves. Hey, I might find the Truth someday, but for now I got more pressing needs. Maslow's a harsh taskmaster.

Looks like we got a few options. Survivalists have an edge, as we will be better equipped to survive and prosper if the economy collapses. then we need to stand tall and point out the flaws of the old system to make sure the politicians won't screw it over. I think the current iteration of America is destined to fail. The Vandals are ready to sack us, no chance in hell of us holding them off.

I love America and if the country wasn't so rotten from the core I would gladly lay my life down for it. Most sheeple would ask "What's broken?" well here is my short list of fixes.

1) Term limits for political office. You get to server 3 terms at any level, regardless of the branch. So for local, state, and federal you can "max out" with 9 terms. Then you have to get a real job!
2) Supreme Court Appointees for 10 years, not for life!
3) Eliminate special interest groups and lobbies. Make it a federal crime to give anything to a politician. Cash or vacation to Tahiti, either one will get you 10-25 years.
4) Pooled election funds. Want to donate to a friend's election campaign? Tough. The money goes to a pool, and is divided equally. Say $100,000 for all candidates, then the top 5 get X a month until the election. Did I mention any use of these funds for anything other than election is a federal crime? Oh yeah, any personal money you want to use is put into the fund as well, the rich can kiss my ass if they think they will buy an election.
5) Make it illegal for The Federal government to borrow money. The state can borrow from the fedz, and the local govs can borrow from the state. This allows big state and local projects, but since the Fed cannot borrow money they got to keep their books clean. The federal government invests into the state and local governments.
6) While we are at it I am sick of living in a representative republic. Give me a democracy. That means no more congress. We have the technology.
7) True separation of church and state. If you want to get married go to a church, If you want a legal binding between two people, then go to city hall. No minister should hold any sway over the policies of a nation. I don't give a rat's ass whether or not our founding fathers were Christian, Scientologists or Heathens. Once you mix the two, your as screwed as mixing drinking and driving. Sure, you can get away with it for a while but eventually your going to screw up.
8) Line item veto. No pork barrel projects!
9) Make Social Security optional. I'm not going to see it, so I'm not paying for it. SS is borrowing money from the future to pay for the now. Since the Fedz can't borrow money, then the days of SS are gone.

I don't know all the answers, like what to do with those on social security, but it's a start in the right direction.


irishdutchuncle said...

i'd like to add, a constitutional ban on usury while we're fixing things here.

i don't understand how someone so otherwise intelligent could be agnostic. the fact that you recognise the existance of the wrongs, demands that there be a not-wronged condition in contrast. how do you explain life? science has never created anything alive. they have become skillful in manipulating living things, but they don't have a clue what life is. justice is revealed truth from the deity. the understanding of and longing for it has been, since ancient times. if justice and morality had not been revealed to us, in our beings, then scientists would certainly have to invent them in order to prevent our distruction.

democracy is inferior to the republic, because it is totally subjective. Truth is uniquely objectively itself. singular. democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner. fine for you if you're a wolf.

Wretha said...

That sounds good to me!