Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What does the future hold?

I cannot say what the future holds. I lack the wisdom to see if any of the multitude of possibilities presented by fellow bloggers, by zealots, or mass media are correct. All I can do is use my best judgment to try to focus on the more likely scenarios. These days, an external threat would be comforting in at least we could band together as a nation to face this threat. The partisan politics that are tearing this country apart would be cast aside in the face of such a threat.

I fear we don’t have a convenient bogey-man to focus the nation’s will on. Someone somewhere said the best way to judge a man was by his enemies. America no longer has the Soviet Bloc as its adversary. We have a nebulous, terrorist organization that exists all over the world, and is harbored and sheltered by our own allies. How would such an enemy bring America to greatness? The average citizen feels that they would never be the target of such an enemy. Without a defined threat to the individual citizen, then such an enemy is no threat at all.

Without the threat of Soviet ICBMs raining from the sky, America has decided it’s the biggest kid on the block. Look how our current Chief Idiot bullied everyone to let us beat up on Iraq. Would any cold-war era president allow us to be involved in a two front war with the Red Menace waiting for us to blink?

Our economy is in shambles. The Chief Idiot is printing money so he can continue his wars. The Defense contractors are practically cuming in their pants, as brand-new Predators roll off the assembly line. Politics dictate weapon choice, so our troops are fielded with inferior weapons. Shady firms like Blackwater and others are getting big, fat contracts to provide “protection” to our overseas companies. Halliburton, those scumbag fucks have relocated their HQ to Dubai so they don’t have to pay corporate taxes on the no-bid contract for whatever billion dollars. No fucking bid. No competition. Fucking nepotism, cronyism, pure stupidity. The worst is that the republican party machine is going to get away scott-free!

Ok, so Clinton got his dick sucked, whoop-dee-fucking-do, and he got impeached, but the mindless masses send their sons and daughters off to fight a war for Halliburton’s bottom line and no one says shit? WAKE THE FUCK UP! I swear the next republican who brings up Clinton’s impeachment is getting a punch in their junk.

Forgive me, I digressed from my point.

So the government, i.e. politicians, are looking for the next bogey-man, and we have already seen how they have suspended our rights with the Patriot Act. Will America’s next Great Opponent become its own population? Without a global force to counter America will it decide to go after China when it decides it can annex Taiwan? Will the smaller 2nd and 3rd world nations gang up to pull us down like a pack of wolves taking down an elk? Will the west rise up in a second civil war, the Reconquista? Will it be our economy? Will a major international conglomerate buy off the government with a quick influx of cash to boost our poor dollar?

I am convinced the status quo can no longer be sustained. Something big is going to happen, and it’s going to happen in my lifetime. What this will be I cannot say. There is a possibility we all get through the next 100 years with nothing more than the recession of '08 to set us back a little bit. I honestly hope that is the case. I am a betting man, and I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I'm putting my $ into canned goods and a good shotgun!

I’m almost done with my first phase of preparation. I just need to properly arm myself. What I have for a budget depends on if I get a buyer for my paintball equipment, but even if I don't get a buyer I'll have a decent weapon in my home to defend myself.

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