Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Mini-BOB

Well I spent quite a bit of time going through and packing my mini-BOB. This is small enough I can carry it in my bag at work, or toss it in the truck without any trouble. Without any further adieu, here it is:
The core of this system is the fanny pack. Along with my Gerber multi-tool and the 2L camelback-clone I have 3 days of food, and a ton of water.

Now for the contents. I'm still missing a few items, which I'll go over later. The fannypack contains the following:

coffee filters in a ziplock bag - Good for removing sediment before using purification tablets.
Ziplock bag with Dryer lint
Vaseline in a film container
Swedish Steel
Altoids tin containing: Band-aids, Iodine swab, 6 500MG Tylenol, Antibiotic gel, & a Survival fishing kit - two bobbers, 20' of line, hooks and split shot.
4" x 7" bandage
2 boxes of waterproof matches
Water purification tablets
chapstick - I HATE chapped lips
10' of electrical tape (wrapped around chapstick)
tin foil folded into a little square
Emergency poncho
3 day survival food - lasts 5 years. 3600 calories in 9 squares
Space blanket
gallon and quart ziplock bags
para cord
25' of 1200# nylon strap
Mini maglite w/ extra batteries
micro flashlight w/ extra battery
unbreakable mirror
Folding knife
Whistle with compass and thermometer
4' roll of velcro - added after picture very handy stuff

And here is what I'm missing.

Duct tape
Some baby-wipes
sunscreen - maybe wipes?
bug spray - maybe wipes?
Roll of quarters
copies of ID's - laminated.
.45ACP Glock w/ extra mag or 2 - (Cannot take to work)
1L water bottle

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas. This should be enough so I can get back to the house if something bad happens. I'm still working on the bigger BOBs. I'll post what I have in those, once they are complete enough for public scrutiny.


Mr. TeX said...

"3 day survival food - lasts 5 years. 3600 calories in 9 squares"

Does this 5 years have a temperature degradation? MREs will last a long time at 60 degrees, but at 110 they drop somewhere around 15% of that lifetime.
Just a good thing to keep in mind if you leave it in your truck, I know that my car has been well over 100 the last 30 days through the better part of the day.

Natog said...

actually, these are supposed to be good to go regardless of temperature. Odds are I'll puncture the foil or something before 5 years and have to replace it anyways :) I don't break things, per se, I just test their durability often!

riverwalker said...

Maps are really important. Make sure you've got all the areas you have to travel in or through covered if it comes time to bug-out.

riverwalker said...

BTW, make sure you have plans for getting from here to there by as many alternate routes as possible.